Goodbye Elisa Tomaselli

Goodbye Elisa Tomaselli


3 days ago, something tragic happened.

Street photographer Elisa Tomaselli died. Her passing sent a shockwave through the street photography community that responded in turn with a flood of comments and reactions. This tragedy reminded all of us that behind the little avatars, comments and likes we interact with on our computers, phones and tablets there are actual, real live people. 

A few words about Elisa

I never had the good chance to meet Elisa Tomaselli personally, but we had exchanged a few words via facebook chat. She was an active member of the StreetHunters Facebook Group. She would post quite often, react to other people’s posts and every so often she would also comment. Iris had featured her work on the Street Hunters Instagram account as well. I followed her work and her progress through social media and was always glad to see her name mentioned because I knew automatically that I was in for a photo treat! Elisa shot mainly with a flash, so I felt deeply related to her work.

This isn’t a post to write about her photographic achievements, her work, or to discuss her personality. This post is to help us remember that on the 23rd of January 2020 the street photography community lost one of its most talented members at a young age. I don’t know the details of her passing, I have heard various scenarios, but that isn’t important. What is important is that Elisa is unfortunately no longer with us and we are all saddened by her passing. 

Remember her. 

May you rest in peace Elisa.

Elisa’s work on social media

Elisa Tomaselli’s instagram
Elisa Tomaselli’s Flickr

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  1. It was indeed very sad to see her go. She was a very nice, modest and really encouraging person, and a brilliant, inspiring photographer. She will be missed .

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