Say hello to Iris!

Say hello to Iris!

Iris Maria Tusa - Editor at Street Hunters


As some of you might remember, not long ago I announced that co-founder Andrew Sweigart and editor Digby Fullam had to depart from the team. Since announcing that my partners had to retire, I have received many offers from street photographers around the world wanting to help me by writing guest posts, sharing articles on their social network profiles and more. I am very grateful to everyone that reached out to me offering their assistance. It means a lot to me knowing that you guys care for so much that you are willing to actively help.

Last week I was having a talk with a friend of mine about and the future of the website and I could sense that she was looking for a creative outlet and a way to express her thoughts and ideas about street photography to the world, so I instinctively asked her if she would like to join me and start writing for the website. She loved the idea and agreed. That made me feel great! Not only was I going to be receiving the help of another photographer, but most importantly I was going to be receiving the help of a friend and that meant a lot to me! But enough of that, I would like to introduce her to you now.

Iris Maria Tusa

Iris Maria Tusa - Editor at Street Hunters
Iris Maria Tusa – Editor at Street Hunters

It is with great pleasure that I announce today that Romanian Street Photographer, Iris Maria Tusa is joining as an Editor.

Iris is an industrious photographer and is very passionate about her craft. She enjoys traveling to the far reaches of the world, capturing exciting moments. When she isn’t traveling, she finds herself participating in street photography events and festivals or preparing her next big project. To check out her work, you can either visit one of the many links provided in her profile page, or get yourself one of the books in which her work has been published. Her list of books is also located on her profile page.

Iris will be writing blog posts and helping with day to day tasks on our various Social Media pages. Personally I am looking forward to working with her. I am very excited to have someone with her experience and perspective on board and I can’t wait to take into this new direction with her help. Thanks for joining Iris and welcome!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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