Phos Athens Street Photography festival Singles Contest

Phos Athens Street Photography festival Singles Contest

Singles Contest PHOS


Last November, in Athens, the Phos Athens Street Photography festival took place. was one of the organisers along with the Bulb collective and iFocus magazine. It was a massive success! We had a smashing time, got to meet many friends and make new ones. We shared experiences, we took long photo walks and lived and breathed for street photography for 3 full days. It was a blast! You can read about it in more detail in our blog post Phos Athens Street Photography Festival – The next day.

Phos Athens Single Photo Contest

During the Phos Athens Street Photography festival there are lectures, workshops and contests! This year around we have decided to give the contests a twist and organise each one separately. So we the Street Hunters we have been chosen to organise the Single Photo Contest!

If you are a long time Reader of our website, you know how we do our contests. We have a submission period of about 1 month and then we shortlist the submissions and share the 4 photos we prefer. After we have shared those 4 photos, we, the Editors, vote between us which photo we prefer as the grand winner.

The winners will get featured on our website and our YouTube channel and will also have their winning shots displayed at the Phos Athens Street Photography festival 2018 in November.

When Can You Start Sending Your Photos?

You can start sending photos from today! We will be accepting submissions until the 01/11/2018. The winners will be announced during the Phos Athens Street Photography festival grand opening party!

Where Can You Send Your Photos?

Please send your photos to our gmail at Only photos sent to that email with the title Phos Athens Competition will be accepted. We will not accept photos sent via txt, messenger, viber or whatever.

Only photos sent to will be accepted and only photos that follow these requirements:

Photo Requirements

  1. Photos must be 1920 pixels on the long side.
  2. Photos must be JPG.
  3. Photos mustn’t have watermarks.
  4. Photos can be taken any time in history.
  5. Photos must be owned and photographed by the participant.
  6. Each Reader can send 1 photograph to enter.
  7. A Reader can change the 1 photo entered if they change their mind before the submissions closing date.


We look forward to receiving your submissions! Wishing you all GOOD LUCK!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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