Announcing Phos Street Photography Days 2018 on November 23-24-25

Announcing Phos Street Photography Days 2018 on November 23-24-25

Phos Announcement


We are very excited to announce that Phos Street Photography Days, the Athens Street Photography Festival is back! Make a note in your calendars that this November from the 23rd until the 25th, the Phos Athens Street Photography Festival will be taking place at the iFocus Gallery and it will be smashing!

What will the festival include?

But why will it be smashing you may ask? Well because it will include parties, workshops, outdoor activities, presentations, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and round table discussions! What more could you want from a street photography festival?

Who will be there?

Street photographers from all over Europe will be there such as Jens Krauer, Iris-Maria Tusa and Cristian Crisbasan! Also well known Greek street photographers such as Maria Kappatou, Thanasis Stavrakakis, Kostas Delchas, Andreas Paradeissopoulos (a.k.a Andreas Paradise) and other street photography influencers and of course we will be there the Phos organisers, The Bulb Collective, iFocus and! So book your tickets, reserve your rooms and head to Athens for this amazing meetup that will excite you!

When and where?

The Phos Athens Street Photography Festival 2018 will take place on November 23-24-25 at the iFocus Gallery and in the gritty streets of one of the most interesting capitals of the world, Athens! Make sure to keep yourself updated by visiting page for regular updates to the event schedule!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist

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