July 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions – Night Street Photography

July 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions – Night Street Photography

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

The seventh Monthly Theme Contest photos for 2018 have been submitted and we have made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of choosing a photo from the July 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions was not easy!

But let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: The photos that didn’t meet the Theme or the Editors criteria were not chosen to be in the shortlist. They have been disqualified or removed. If your pic isn’t in the shortlist, don’t get discouraged. Try again next month!

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Night Street Photography” to show you! This time we had 30 valid submissions which can all be seen below.

The July 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions

Here are our favourite 30 photos that made it through our strict Editors criteria! 

*All images that were not sent in at the correct size, have been resized. This might affect the quality of entries that were sent in very small sizes.

The July 2018 Street Photography Contest editors picks

Every month each one of us here at Streethunters.net will pick one photo as a nominee. Here are the photos we chose and the reasons why:

Nominee No1

Analysis by Andrew Sweigart, Streethunters.net editor

“Night Street Photography is another sub-genre of street photography that I enjoy immensely, but something I don’t get out to practice very much. And, needless to say, I suck at it! That being said, I’m terribly envious of the well-executed night shot. The use of available light from streetlights, signs, storefronts to compose a great night shot is a skill that is worthy of praise. The images I adore the most are the ones that hearken back to film noir. In my book, this image looks like it was snatched right from that genre of film.. The lone subject is perfectly framed between the dual leading lines of the streetlights and is nearly straddling the doubled street lines on the road. I don’t know if there is any vignetting in play here, but the light radiating from the streetlights form an almost heart-like shape in which the subject is dead in the center of. Add the foggy atmosphere, and this picture looks like it’s straight out of a movie or the poster for one. Excellent work!” 

"Night Street Photography" Street Photograph by David Fidalgo Martín
“Night Street Photography” Street Photograph by David Fidalgo Martín

Nominee No2

Analysis by Digby Fullam, Streethunters.net editor

“This photo leapt out at me instantly – it is simply a stunning shot, and a no-brainer as my pick for the candidate this month. The context to this street photo is gloriously obtuse, but I would guess perhaps the photographer here has captured (expertly I might add) a moment from some kind of street festival or carnival. The white leading lines of the road markings on the tarmac stand out from the darkness and lead our eyes towards the dancing figure on the left hand third of the frame who is our focal point. Behind him we can just about pick out shadowy onlookers and then a larger figure (perhaps on stilts) or even some kind of float that forms part of a carnival procession. Why our main character is shirtless we don’t know – perhaps he is simply caught up in the revelry? Whatever the reason, it’s fantastic that he’s clutching his bright blue t-shirt with his arm outstretched leading our eyes into the centre of the frame and that spectacular explosion from a firework or flare which has sent star-like sparks cascading outwards from the frame. Our man is lit superbly by these sparks with his eyes closed against the explosion (or is he merely lost in the moment?) creating an effect akin to a freeze frame in an action movie when the hero has been thrown through the air by an explosion! As well as being a wonderful capture of a powerful moment in time – one which you could not hope to replicate even if you tried – this shot begins to take on something extra the more you study it too. After several minutes gazing at it I’m starting to equate the star-like sparks and incredible gunpowder smoke trails with a nebula or some other celestial scene, and my imagination continues to run wild. This photo really is magical, and certainly earns its wall space in a gallery of my all-time favourite street photos. It’s outstanding!”

"Night Street Photography" Street Photograph by Sergi Escribano
“Night Street Photography” Street Photograph by Sergi Escribano

Nominee No3

Analysis by Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Streethunters.net editor

“The Night Street Photography submissions were overwhelming, we managed to narrow them down to 30 and out of those remaining 30 I found myself liking 3 photos. As organiser of the contests, I always choose last (or nearly always) after I let my fellow editors make their picks. So I was really pleased to find out that this photos wasn’t “snatched up” by Andrew, Digby or John! As a person intrigued by the mysterious and bizarre, I naturally found this photo interesting. It is dark, and lonely, only one person is running in the empty streets of the city. Backlit by the street lights we can barely see what he is wearing. What is that? Some nylon, transparent, waterproof running thing? Is he exercising? Is he wearing goggles on his head as well? Is he running away from something? Is he being chased? Maybe some virus has wiped the city clean and he is the lone survivor, wearing his protective bio suit trying to escape? Love the ideas that come to mind just after a split second of looking at the image and love the blur which gives it a feeling of motion and dynamism. I think I can hear the runner’s breath and the creaking of his suit. Love it! Great work! Thanks for sharing.”  

"Night Street Photography" Street Photograph by Tzen Xing
“Night Street Photography” Street Photograph by Tzen Xing

Nominee No4

Analysis by John Hughes, Associate Street Hunter

“Being a fan of the story that is Jack the Ripper, I love the whole story and the mystery behind it. Whenever you think of the Ripper story you will almost picture and dark wet alley with a dark shadowy figure in a top hat standing alone in the rain.
This photo has captured the mystery of Jack and it really makes you think, it’s only after a few views that you notice there is a second person standing in a doorway to the right.
Great look and feel here, well done to the photographer.

"Night Street Photography" Street Photograph by Jim Talbot
“Night Street Photography” Street Photograph by Jim Talbot

The winner will win the Feature Interview on the Streethunters.net website and more!

The photograph that wins the Monthly Theme Contest will receive the following prizes:

  1. The winning photo will be featured on our website in the respective “Announcing the winner” post and will also be featured for 1 month as our cover photo on our FacebookTwitter and Google Plus pages.
  2. The Street Photographer that shot the winning photo will be interviewed by our Editorial team and his/her work will be featured on our website and on our Youtube channel.
  3. At the end of the year we will upload a video presentation of all the winning photos along with narrations by the winners themselves, explaining the story behind their photograph.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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