PRESS RELEASE: London Street Photography Festival 2018

PRESS RELEASE: London Street Photography Festival 2018

Photo ©David Solomons


For the 2nd consecutive year, the London Street Photography Festival will be taking place at Stour Space at Cre8 Studio in East London this time on the 3-5 August 2018. The festival is free to attend and everyone is welcome.

About London Street Photography Festival

London Street Photography Festival is a non-profit international event based in London showcasing Street Photography. The goal of the Festival is to build a community and to establish and develop a platform for networking, learning and development through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competition and associated events. The LSPF aims to be closely connected to the community and young people and provide them with the world-class resources and experience in one of the most dynamic and popular genres of photography.

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The London street Photography Festival 2018

During the LSPF 2018 there will be talks and lectures by well established photographers Chris Steele-Perkins, David Solomons, Richard Bram and more, workshops by Gabi Ben Avraham and Yoriyas Ismaili and of course there will be contests.

The LSPF 2018 Contests & prizes

Street Photography Contests

This year the London Street Photography Festival will offer 4 contest categories in which photographers can submit their work. Those are:

  1. Single Photograph,
  2. Photo Series,
  3. London Photograph and
  4. A special contest for under 21s which is free.

In order for your photo(s) to be accepted they must not have been exhibited at any major street photography festivals before. So in other words, they must debut at the LSPF 2018 street photography festival. The deadline for the submissions is the 17th of June.

Street Photography Contest Prizes

Winners will be announced on the 5th of August and awards will include a cash award, a personal exhibition at next year’s festival and much more. The exhibition during the Festival will feature all finalists.


For more information, please contact:
Mary Timohova
Director of Communications at LSPF


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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