PRESS RELEASE: Roza Vulf’s “Floating World” exhibition

PRESS RELEASE: Roza Vulf’s “Floating World” exhibition

Roza Vulf Floating World exhibition

From the 10th of April until the 10th of May, Monday 14.30 – 19.30, Tuesday – Saturday 10.30 – 19.30 Roza Vulf’s “Floating World” exhibition will be on display at Leica Store Roma at Via dei Due Macelli 57.

Roza is originally from Vilnius, Lithuania. After spending most of her adult life in her country, she moved to Leipzig, Germany and finally to Rome, Italy, where she still resides now.

She is a self taught street photographer so the translation of her perception of the immediate environment is what she captures, interested in moments seen on the street, the underground or the beach. All her characters have a certain style that makes the viewer understand that Roza feels at home operating in a documentary way.

The Floating World exhibition takes its roots from the 17th century Japanese Art called Ukyio. It was originally translated to mean ‘sad world’, but with the evolution of language, literature and the usage of the term itself, the most recent translation of Ukiyo-e pertains to the phrase ‘floating world’ or fleeting pictures of the world.

This philosophy, the love of the ordinary, anonymous and unposed, resonates with Vulf’s photography. Emphasizing on loneliness and human thought, the exhibition clearly follows the initial meaning of Ukyio-e.

“Our everyday reality is built of moments. Those are valuable due to their fragility and impermanence. I try to capture the moments in a harmonious way, where my sentiment reflects from stranger’s emotions.

My Floating World holds the diversity of basic human emotions – happiness, sadness, devastation or hope.”

The “Floating World” exhibition is curated by Stefano Mirabella.

So remember, if you are in Rome anytime until the 10th of May, we recommend you visit Roza Vulf’s “Floating World” exhibition at the Leica Store Rome located at Via dei Due Macelli 57.

Check out Rosa’s website at and the Leica Store Rome website at


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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