February 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions

February 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions

February 2018 monthly theme contest

Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

The second Monthly Theme Contest photos for 2018 have been submitted and we have made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of choosing a photo from the February 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions was not easy!

But let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: The photos that didn’t meet the Theme or the Editors criteria were not chosen to be in the shortlist. They have been disqualified or removed. If your pic isn’t in the shortlist, don’t get discouraged. Try again next month!

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Snowy day” to show you! This time we had 20 valid submissions which can all be seen below.

The February 2018 Street Photography Contest Submissions

Here are our favourite 20 photos that made it through our strict Editors criteria! 

*All images that were not sent in at the correct size, have been resized. This might affect the quality of entries that were sent in very small sizes.

The February 2018 Street Photography Contest editors picks

Every month each one of us Streethunters.net editors picks one photo as a nominee. Here are the photos we chose and the reasons why:

Nominee No1

Analysis by Andrew Sweigart, Streethunters.net editor

“With Snowy Day as the theme, I knew right away I wanted to feel the shot. I wanted to be able not only to see the snow, I wanted to feel the cold. This is the shot that did it. The stark monochrome fits the theme and this scene perfectly. The blurry flakes, so prevalent in front of the lone figure’s black coat, show us the obviously blustery wind. The subject is also walking alone along this street, driving home the bleak feel of the shot and the weather. The expression on his face says that he is not at all enjoying this trek and his hands are almost completely drawn up into the sleeves, to shield them from the weather. The wide angle creates the perfect frame for this winter street snap, again reinforcing the bleak feel, and you can almost hear the sloshing noise from his walk against the quiet of a winter day on an empty street. A stone-cold solid shot!” 

"Snowy day" Street Photograph by Alexander Tarasenkov
“Snowy day” Street Photograph by Alexander Tarasenkov

Nominee No2

Analysis by Digby Fullam, Streethunters.net editor

Whilst on the surface this street photo may appear very simple, there’s actually a lot going on here, and all of it coming together to create a great shot! The composition is really what impresses me from the start – consider how the horizon line (the ominous belt of black trees) dissects the frame two thirds of the way up the shot, creating a swathe of white snow for the photographer to play with in the lower portion of the frame. In this snowy canvas there’s a wonderful leading line running from the horizon line on the right side of the frame diagonally down and into the middle left of the bottom of the photo which seems to be some kind of track left in the snow. This powerful line draws our eyes across the frame and towards the centre of the shot, where we find our blurred subject, moving in the same direction as our eyes have done, from left to right. That the photographer chose just the right shutter speed (to sufficiently blur the subject) and the moment (to catch them in the centre of the frame) is wonderful, and the crisp lines of the planted left foot (the only part of the subject not blurred) is the icing on the cake. The choice to shoot black and white was the perfect one for this shot – the oppressive grey of the sky and ‘muddy’ snow combines with the flecks of dirt to create a scuzzy, dark and cold feel, while the heavy black mass of trees reaching spidery leafless tendrils towards the heavens really emphasises the ‘feel’ of winter. The trees are matched by our lone mysterious figure cloaked in black who moves in stark contrast to our snowy background. The blurring and silhouette-like effect on the figure is unsettling, calling to mind (and perhaps intentionally so) Josef Koudelka’s 1987 dog photo. The more time I spend looking at this shot the more I begin to think I’m seeing a snapshot moment from a dream. Fabulous!

"Snowy day" Street Photograph by Jeffrey De Keyser
“Snowy day” Street Photograph by Jeffrey De Keyser

Nominee No3

Analysis by Spyros Papaspyropoulos, Streethunters.net editor

This photograph is spot on the brief. A snowy day indeed and what a lovely point of view the photographer has chosen. It reminds me of the types of photos Andrez Kertesz used to shoot from his balcony in NY. What I can see in this shot is lines, shapes, alignment of compositional elements and a single figure in the top right corner, walking in the snow. Will the figure continue towards the left side of the photo, or turn downwards? Is he walking to his car, or passing by? By looking at that person in the snow, I get the feeling that I can “hear” his soft crunchy footsteps, one step at a time. Crunch, crunch, crunch… I can only hear his footsteps, his rhythmic breathing and the muffling sound of silence that so many snow usually brings to a place. This capture really got me into a winter mood, something that I have dearly missed this year in Greece, since this winter of 2018 has been one of our warmest in a very long time.”  

"Snowy day" Street Photograph by Chris Toombes
“Snowy day” Street Photograph by Chris Toombes

The winner will win the Feature Interview on the Streethunters.net website and more!

The photograph that wins the Monthly Theme Contest will receive the following prizes:

  1. The winning photo will be featured on our website in the respective “Announcing the winner” post and will also be featured for 1 month as our cover photo on our FacebookTwitter and Google Plus pages.
  2. The Street Photographer that shot the winning photo will be interviewed by our Editorial team and his/her work will be featured on our website and on our Youtube channel.
  3. At the end of the year we will upload a video presentation of all the winning photos along with narrations by the winners themselves, explaining the story behind their photograph.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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