Announcing the Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest, Romania!

Announcing the Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest, Romania!

Bucharest Flash Street Photography Workshop by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

The Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest, Romania!


Dear Readers,

As I have mentioned many times before, Flash Street Photography excites me very much. I think that it bring my street photography to another level and I think it can do the same for you. For that reason I want to share my excitement about Flash Street Photography with you by teaching you about this style of shooting at my Flash Street Photography Workshops in Bucharest this April as part of the PhoS BUCHAREST Street Photography Festival.

It has now been nearly 4 years since I started shooting Flash Street Photography and to my surprise I have found out that most people don’t really care about the flash in the streets. You are welcome to ask my 50+ students so far about this. People really don’t mind that much been flashed. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but mostly they just don’t mind! I think the reason for this is the upfront style of a flash shot that makes it a more sincere style of shooting than let’s say when one is lurking in the shadows capturing sly shots and I think that is how people see it. What I mean is that there is nothing sneaky about a flash shot. It is brutally honest. There is no doubt about what the street photographer is doing. This gives me even more incentive to keep on shooting Flash Street Photography and now I feel that I know more than enough to share my experiences with you in a very easy to digest way. So read along, let me explain what this workshop is going to be all about!


Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest prices

Little and the Red Riding Hood
“Little and the Red Riding Hood” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

If you would like to see how I use flash in street photography you can check out the following videos I have made that are focused around this type of street shooting:

  1. Street Hunt No13 – An off camera flash street photography video tutorial
  2. Street Hunt No14 – An off camera flash street photography video tutorial
  3. Street Hunt No19 – An off camera flash street photography video tutorial
  4. Street Hunt No20 – An off camera flash street photography video tutorial
  5. Street Hunt No21 – An off camera flash street photography video tutorial
  6. Street Talk Episode 10 – Flash Street Photography during the day

By watching the videos above you can get a general idea of how much fun flash street photography is and how creative you can become if you know what to do. The results can be amazing! You no longer have to chase the light as you do during the day when shooting without a flash, because you can create your own light that can really look astounding.

What Does This Master Class Workshop Include?

We will meet Friday afternoon on the 2oth of April, get to know each other and get and start warming up to the idea of Flash Street Photography the proper way. What is the proper way? Well we will hit the streets of course! We will shoot into the night and then meet again on Saturday and Sunday for more shooting and photo reviews. This 3 day course will include the following topics:

  • The Pros and Cons of Shooting Street with a Flash
  • Shooting with an on camera Flash during daylight
  • Shooting with a Flash in Flash Manual mode
  • Shooting with an off camera Flash during daylight
  • Light Intensity and how to add more background in your photos besides just getting black backgrounds
  • Slow Shutter Speed Flash effects
  • Dramatic effects with Off Camera Flash positioning and intensity

Be prepared to get pretty tired and worn out, so be sure to eat well and rest and remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Outline of the schedule

  • Friday 20th of April 18:00 Meeting, introduction 19:30 – 22:30 Shooting Session 1
  • Saturday 21st of April 09:00 – 19:00 Review of day 1, Shooting Session 2
  • Sunday 22nd of April 09:15 – 13:00 Review of day 2, Conclusions
Got a light?
“Got a light?” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

How Will This Workshop Change You?

Once the workshop is over you will have a fundamental understanding of:

  • How to use Flash in Street Photography,
  • What settings to use in what situation,
  • How to approach strangers in the street when holding a Flash,
  • What to expect from your gear,
  • How to choose your best photos,

and more!

You will feel more self confident, you will feel free to experiment more with Flash Street Photography, you will be more in connection with your camera and feel sure of your abilities as a Street Photographer. You will become proactive and learn how to react instantaneously to any situation. You will be a changed person. A Street Hunter!

British Bulldog
“British Bulldog” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

When Will The Flash Street Photography Workshop In Bucharest Take Place?

I will teach 1 Master Class workshop for Flash Street Photography in Bucharest, Romania this April on the

20th, 21st and 22nd of April 2018 during the PhoS BUCHAREST Street Photography Festival

I will be teaching a 3 day workshop (20 full hours). I will be offering all my Flash Street Photography expertise in a total of 20 hours, from Friday the 20th to Sunday the 21st. Anybody that would like to learn how to shoot with a flash, on-camera and off-camera can join me for an insane shooting experience that will be remembered for ever!

"Don't look at my pickles" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos
“Don’t look at my pickles” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Location of the Flash Street Photography workshop

The workshop will take place in the streets of Bucharest, Romania as part of the PhoS Bucharest Street Photography Festival. Because this is an intermediate course, there will be no long presentations and tiring theoretical talks. All the action is going to be hands on.

Flame Head
“Flame Head” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Maximum Number Of Students

In order for me to be able to focus on each and every one of you without making anyone feel left out, the course will not be accepting any more than 10 students. So, the maximum amount of students in the workshop is 10.

About Travel Expenses And Accommodation

If you are visiting from another location, the Travel and Accommodation expenses are not included in the cost of the “Flash Street Photography workshop in Bucharest”. You must provide for your own Travel and Accommodation plans. It is advisable to book a flight with cancellation / refund options, in case of a cancellation of the workshop due to health reasons or insufficient students. For more about cancellations, please read the next section.

Acropolis vs the tourists
“Acropolis vs the tourists” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Cancellations (PLEASE READ)

If you need to cancel

You are entitled to cancel and partial refund, as long as you give at least 2 week’s notice before you cancel. Initial deposits are non refundable. If you fail to cancel at least 2 weeks before the official start date of the workshop, I am not obligated to refund you. If you wish to cancel at the last minute, this will affect all the members of the workshop, so I hope you understand when I ask you to please not do that unless it is for a very serious reason.

When and why would I cancel the workshop

I have the right to cancel a workshop that hasn’t met the minimum requirements of at least 2 students two weeks before the official date of commencement of the workshop.

As mentioned before, if a workshop is cancelled, I will not be responsible for any travel or accommodation plans you have made. I strongly recommend making flexible plans with refundable options. If a large number of students back out at the last minute, the workshop will have to be cancelled.

If I cancel the workshop, I will be refunding you 100% including the initial deposit. So by submitting your deposit you agree to these above terms and conditions.

Chinatown vibes
“Chinatown vibes” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos


What will you learn at the “Flash Street Photography workshop”?

You will learn everything mentioned in the section “What does this 1 full day workshop include” mentioned above.

What do I have to know, before I attend the workshop?

The only thing you have to know is how to operate your camera, how to operate your flash and how to transfer your images from your camera to your laptop.

What are the minimum requirements for taking the workshop?

All you need is a camera, either digital or film, a Flash, a Flash Cable or Wireless Triggers, batteries, a laptop or tablet for editing and organising your photos and a notepad for taking notes. Please check the following list of items for your convenience:

  • One camera digital or film
  • A Flash,
  • A Flash Cable or Wireless Triggers,
  • Loads and loads of batteries for your flash
  • One laptop or tablet for editing and planning photos
  • Notepad for note taking

I have another question. How can I contact you?

You can contact me directly at with any questions in regards to the workshop. I will get back to you with a reply within 24 hours.

Can I have a 1 on 1 Flash Street Photography workshop?

Yes you can. Please get in touch with me directly at and I will let you know more details concerning a 1 on 1 Flash Street Photography workshop.

Can I have a 1 on 1 Flash Street Photography workshop in another city?

Yes you can. Please get in touch with me directly at and I will let you know more concerning this.

About The Tutor

Spyros Papaspyropoulos (Tutor)

Portrait of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Street Photographer and Street Hunter

Spyros Papaspyropoulos is a passionate Street Photographer that loves to experiment with all sorts of gear and formats. He is equally passionate about digital and film photography and has a vast knowledge of both mediums. He has been photographing since a boy as a hobby. He has had a camera around his neck all of his life, documenting it on a daily basis most of the time. During that last 5 years, he has only been shooting Street. He has been pushing his boundaries trying to reach new levels of expertise in Street Photography by experimentation and constant trial and error. This hands on experience has given him the ability to easily work through issues that most new Street Photographers face. Most of his body of work is from Crete, where he lives and from Athens, the capital of Greece which he visits on occasion to Photograph. He has had his work published in local newspapers of Crete, in the Camerapixo magazine and numerous blogs.

Spyros’s interviews:

In mid 2013, Spyros and Andrew Sweigart co-founded A website that is now the definitive resource for Street Photographers all over the world. Spyros has contributed with more than 500 blog posts about Street Photography related subjects. You can read all of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Blog posts if you visit his Author page or you can see him sharing his knowledge through a series of videos he produces for called Street Hunts. If you wish to see his work, feel free to visit his Flickr Albums.


Doggie hula hoop
“Doggie hula hoop” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos


“Throughout the weekend Spyros constantly reviewed our images giving feedback on the good and areas for improvement.
Upon reflection I totally enjoyed this workshop. Athens provided a fantastic environment to learn in. Shooting alongside Spyros and getting my work constantly appraised really helped and encouraged me to keep shooting.
If you want to learn about creative flash for street photography I highly recommend going with Spyros.”
– David Saunders

“Great Flash Street Photography Workshop yesterday with Spyros Papaspyropoulos”
– A. Watson (aka Never Edit)

“Τhank you very much for what you taught me Spyros Papaspyropoulos!”
– Ilias Tsantos

“This was the first time I attended a workshop with Spyros, the one-day Beginners Street Photography workshop in Athens. We started at 9a.m. with an introduction to general principles of street photography, followed by tasks on specific techniques and perspectives, finally reviewing our work at 9p.m. During the entire day Spyros was fully engaged and participated with us in all the tasks with an exuberant energy that motivated us to keep pounding the streets and experimenting with our photography. I very much valued Spyros’ excellent teaching abilities, his technical knowledge, his perspective, and insightful and supportive comments. He offered straightforward and clear instructions, he encouraged us to ask questions about any aspect of the day’s activities and devoted time to reviewing and commenting on the day’s photos. Spyros is a great teacher, direct, honest, supportive and really friendly. The entire one-day workshop was a real experience and a pleasure for me and would certainly recommend future workshops to anyone interested in street photography. Many thanks Spyros!”
– Pericles Loucopoulos

“Taking part at the ‘Beginners Street Photography Workshop in Athens’ was a real blast.
Having no prior experience or solid knowledge about what Street Photography actually is, i did not know what to expect.
Spyros is a great guy and an amazing teacher. Eager to answer any questions we had he shared with us technical details and street photography secrets.
This was an exhausting 12+ hour of non stop street photography. The day consisted of a combination of theory and practice sessions. We were taught about street photography history, techniques, composition, light, ethics and ways to approach people and react on different occasions.
After the end of the practice session, we all had our daily photos analysed and evaluated by Spyros, giving us even more insights about quality street photos and valuable tips for better photos in the future.
I would by all means participate in any future workshops by Spyros and of course i strongly suggest any newcomers to take part to one.
A total value for money!
Thank you Spyros.”
– Giannis Pagonas

“Claws” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

What Is The Cost Of The Workshop?

The cost of the workshop is €240 and it doesn’t include accommodation, travel or dining expenses. To reserve your spot in the workshop you are required to make a deposit of 50% of the workshop (€120). The deposit is non refundable. 5 days before the workshop the second deposit of €120 is required.
Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest prices

ATTENTION! Earlybird discount offer! Save BIG by registering before the 1st of April 2018!

Reserve your position before April 1st and receive a €40 discount! That is a whopping discount to the original price!

So make sure you take advantage of this Earlybird offer before the 1st of April! Please click on the Paypal payment button below to make your initial down payment deposit to reserve your position for the Bucharest Flash Street Photography workshop.

Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest discount

Reserve your spot NOW! Pay here

Just click on the following links to make your deposits:

1st deposit

€100 to reserve your spot in the workshop (including earlybird offer)

Click here to pay €100 (with Earlybird offer)

2nd deposit

€100 before the 7th of February 2018 (including earlybird offer)

Click here to pay €100 (with Earlybird offer)

 Kindly use hashtag #BFSPWApr18 as reason for deposit.

The Executive Kiosk
“The Executive Kiosk” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Contact us for questions

If you feel that you have more questions or you would like to discuss a One on One session, please feel free to contact me using the following webform or via email at
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Flash Street Photography Workshop in Bucharest cost


Register while there are still free spots!!!
See you all there!


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