2017 Streethunters.net Facebook Group Cover Photos

2017 Streethunters.net Facebook Group Cover Photos

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2017 Streethunters.net FB Group Photos Collage


Hopefully you’re already aware that as well as this street photography news and blog website, Streethunters.net also has a very active presence across loads of different social media channels. Some, like our Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and G+ pages, we use to to share our latest news and announcements of our new blog posts. Others, like our popular YouTube channel, are the home of our pioneering Street Hunt series, as well as our informative Street Talk episodes, interviews, and slideshows of the work by the winning street photographers from our monthly theme contests. But two of our social media channels are dedicated to showcasing the work of immensely talented street photographers, and in particular, you, our loyal readers! Both our Flickr Group and Facebook Group are places where we and the rest of the world get to enjoy your very best street photos. Both are thriving communities, which we moderate carefully to ensure that users on both platforms get to enjoy both social media sites to their maximum potential, and savour some great street photos in the process. Each week the Flickr group is moderated with new photos added to one of the best contemporary street photography galleries on the web, while the Streethunters.net Facebook Group is moderated almost daily to showcase superb street photos of all different styles from all over the world created by a host of photographers shooting with all sorts of mediums and equipment. To celebrate the wonderful photos in our Facebook Group, we carefully pore over the new submissions made each week and select our very favourite photo from the week to choose as the Group Cover Photo for one whole week. We did this throughout 2016, and we did it through the whole of 2017 too. The result is the 52 best street photos we’ve seen in the Streethunters.net Facebook Group in 2017!

Gallery of The Streethunters.net Facebook Group Cover Photos from 2017

Presented below is a gallery of all 52 photos we’ve chosen as our favourite street photo submissions to the Streethunters.net Facebook Group throughout 2017. The shots begin in chronological order, kicking off with Metin Ekin’s flash street photo in week one of January, and rounding out the year with Wenpeng Lu’s atmospheric street photo from the last week of December. So sit back and relax, turn your screen brightness up, maximise your browser window or turn your screen orientation off, and feast your eyes on the gallery of all the Streethunters.net Facebook Group Cover Photos from 2017! And, once you’re feeling inspired, remember to head on over to Facebook and get submitting! Who knows, your photo could be one of the 52 pics appearing for 2018!


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