This Month on 13/11/17 to 22/12/17

This Month on 13/11/17 to 22/12/17

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So as always the best laid plans of mice and men have gone awry, and it has now been almost six or so weeks since the last ‘This Week’ – our summaries of the latest goings on with the blog and social media channels. With Christmas fast approaching, and our editorial team readying ourselves for a short break to recharge our batteries, we wanted to give a really quick rundown of the events of the last month and half if you’ve missed anything. So strap yourselves in, and get ready for a whistle-stop tour!

Inside Marcelo de Coghlan’s Camera Bag – Bag No 140

We hit camera bag number 140 in this eternally popular feature, and this time it was the turn of the Argentinian street photographer Marcelo de Coghlan to show us the contents of his minimalist camera bag set up which features the lovely little Fuji X100T compact camera. Check out his bag here!

Throwback Tuesday 14/11 – Inside Jordi Mallol Comas’ Camera bag

An extra treat for you camera bag fans as this week’s Throwback post had us looking back inside the camera bag of one of our longest serving readers – Jordi Mallol Comas! This bag was only the eighth one we showcased as part of this feature, and ironically was also home to a Fuji X100 – the first model of the breed! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 13/11/17 by Gregory Antikian

Gregory Antikian FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 13th November 2017 by Gregory Antikian.

We had this lovely monochrome street photo by Gregory Antikian as our pick for the Facebook Group Cover photo for the week commencing the 13th November. Gregory took advantage of the powerful Greek sunlight to catch this fantastic moment of a man shielding his eyes with a piece of cardboard with two ventilation holes that look like eyeballs! Wonderful spot Gregory, nice one!

Feature Post – ‘PhoS Athens Street Photography Festival – The next day!’

In early November was one of the co-organisers of the inaugural PhoS Athens Street Photography event – a free street photography festival held in Greece’s stunning capital. personal representative at the festival was Athenian native Spyros Papaspyropoulos, who put together a blog post detailing his experiences enjoying the festival’s free contests, lectures and workshops. Make sure you give it a read, and we hope to see you at next year’s event!

Inside Yanidel’s Camera Bag – Bag No 141

Our 141st street photographer camera bag belonged to Yanidel from Switzerland, who shoots with a Leica M9 and two prime lenses. If you’re a Leica fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), head over to the post and enjoy drooling over that neat little German body!

Throwback Tuesday 21/11 – Free Street Photography eBook by Stefan Wuelser

We’re all photobook fans and we all love free stuff, so this throwback post was a real treat for you guys if you missed it first time round – the opportunity to grab a free eBook put together by the street photographer Stefan Wuelser and shot using the Ricoh GR compact camera. “Light of the South” is great for fans of monochromatic street photography, so if that includes you make sure you get downloading! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 20/11/17 by Brian Boyce

Brian Boyce FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 20th November 2017 by Brian Boyce.

Brian Boyce’s gloriously minimalist street photo was our choice for cover photo of the Facebook Group for the week commencing 20th November. There’s very little I can say to really do this wonderful shot justice as it feels like a work of fine art photography, so I’ll just let you enjoy it by admiring it for a while!

Flash Street Photography Workshop in Athens editor and hardcore flash street photographer Spyros Papaspyropoulos announced that he’s running a day-long Christmas Flash Street Photography workshop in Athens on Saturday 23rd December. A few final spaces are still up for grabs, so check it out if you fancy learning the art of mastering your flash on the streets!

Christmas Beginners Street Photography Workshop in Athens

Hot on the heels of his Flash Street Photography workshop, Spyros also announced the launch of his Beginners Street Photography Workshop in Athens on Wednesday 27th December. This workshop will be ideal for the novice street photographer as it covers the absolute basics of street photography. Give the blog post a read for more information, and as with the Flash Workshop, a very limited number of workshop places are still available at the last minute!

Press Release – Kickstarter campaign for Michelle Groskopf’s book, ‘Sentimental’

Our press release featured information on a great Kickstarter campaign for a photo book by the rocking flash street photographer Michelle Groskopf, Full Frontal Flash collective member and also featured on our list of 15 Flash Street Photographers you should follow on Social Media. If you want to know more about Michelle’s campaign, you know what to do!

Inside William J. Simpson’s Camera Bag – Bag No 142 camera bag number 142 belonged to the street photographer William J. Simpson who shoots most of his work on the streets of San Francisco, California. William is both a digital and analogue street photographer, and his bag houses a dedicated digital and analogue film body and several prime lenses. Head on over to the blog post to find out which ones!

Throwback Tuesday 28/11 – Street Photo of the week by Chris Farling

The Throwback Tuesday post for this week was a featured street photograph from way back in August 2014 shot by Chris Farling. Dive into the post to read through Spyros Papaspyropoulos’ analysis of Chris’ fabulous multi-layered photo! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 27/11/17 by Shimi Cohen

Shimi Cohen‎ FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 27th November 2017 by Shimi Cohen‎.

For the week commencing the 27th November, our pick for the cover photo of the Facebook Group was this stunning shot by Shimi Cohen. This is the second time Shimi has had one of his photos featured on the group cover, which is a testament to how powerful his shots are. In this photo Shimi uses a wide angle lens in conjunction with brilliant composition and a great point of view to create a awesome effect with leading lines. Lovely job Shimi!

Feature Post – Streethunters Bookshelf: Devin Allen’s ‘A Beautiful Ghetto’

For our December 3rd feature post we had another addition to the Streethunters Bookshelf in the form of Andrew Sweigart’s review of Devin Allen’s ‘A Beautiful Ghetto’ photobook. Andrew really smashed it out of the park with this review, diving into the nuanced social and political commentary and photojournalistic aspects that come together in Allen’s book, which says a lot about current inner-city America. A must read.

Inside João Teixeira’s Camera Bag – Bag No 143

It was the turn of Lisbon based street photographer João Teixeira to show off his camera bag for the 143rd iteration of this feature. João’s setup is refreshingly simple and devoid of gear acquisition syndrome, as he rocks a one camera one lens setup of a Fuji X100s. Head over and give it a look!

Throwback Tuesday 5/12 – Inside Anton Bianconero Fortein’s Camera Bag

Loyal reader and Readers Community Member Anton Fortein has been involved with from the early days, so it was only right that his camera bag was one of the first few featured on the site. This throwback blast from the past post is an analogue only affair, so head on over there for a peek film street photography fans! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 4/12/17 by Dan Berntsson

Dan Berntsson‎ FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 4th December 2017 by Dan Berntsson‎.

Our great friend and regular Annual Street Hunters Meeting attending Dan Berntsson had his cool flash street photo featured as the Facebook Group cover for the week commencing the 4th December. Like Shimi, this is second time we’ve chosen one of Dan’s photos for our group cover, and his previous shot was a flash photo too, so Dan clearly has quite the knack for rocking flash street photography. Keep it up Dan!

November 2017 Street Photography Contest Submissions – ‘Hatred’

‘Hatred’ was a very tough theme for our November 2017 monthly street photography contest, but nonetheless you guys managed to really impress us with your submissions. After much deliberation we were each able to select a favourite photo and give it a write up. Check out the nominees blog post to see which street photo we each chose!

December 2017 Street Photography Monthly Theme Contest – Love

After announcing our nominees for the month of November it was time for us to launch the theme for this month’s contest, which centres around street photographs that represent love. Submissions for the contest close today, so you really need to get your skates on and send in a photo if you haven’t already – remember the winner of the contest will receive a host of exposure on the website!

Winner of the November 2017 Street Photography Contest, Taylor Green

Taylor Green hatred winner
Taylor Green’s winning photo for the November monthly theme contest, ‘Hatred’

Taylor Green was the winner of the November 2017 street photography monthly theme contest with this powerful photo which really embodies hatred. Taylor’s street photograph has been featured on the cover of our Facebook, G+ and Twitter pages since the start of the month, and we’re going to be conducting an exclusive interview with him over the next few months and releasing a slideshow presentation of his street photos on our YouTube channel. Congratulations and well done Taylor!

Press Release – ‘Home’ Street Photography Exhibition and Catalog

Make sure to give this press release a read, as it’s full of information about the fascinating ‘Home’ photography exhibition organised by the ex-Artis Cultural Association in Cyprus which was borne out of a five day residency program in the village of Pafos featuring twelve different photographers from around the world!

Inside David Fidalgo’s (a.k.a. Bricks) Camera Bag – Bag No 144

Our last camera bag of year belonged to David Fidalgo, who also goes by the nome de plume ‘Bricks’. David uses a Fuji X100F and a Metz flash, and is also Co-founder of ‘La Calle es Nuestra’, a Spanish Street Photography Collective. You can take a peek inside his bag here.

Throwback Tuesday 12/12 – “Under The Influence of André Kertész”

We’re very lucky to have an incredible repository of encyclopaedic information on street photography techniques and famous street photographers in our archives, with the latter being deftly handled by our Under the Influence series produced by Andrew Sweigart. For this Throwback Tuesday post we had the opportunity to revisit Andrew’s piece on the Hungarian street photography master André Kertész. It’s a great read! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 11/12/17 by Margarida Martins‎

Margarida Martins‎ FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 11th December 2017 by Margarida Martins‎.

For the week commencing 11th December the Facebook Group Cover Photo was this wonderfully surreal and other-worldly street photo by Margarida Martins‎. This shot is like something straight out of a film and is one of the most unusual street photographs I think I’ve seen all year. Nice one Margarida!

Feature Post – A Guide to Flash Street Photography (On Camera)

Our final regular feature post of the year was a short guide I put together covering the basic different techniques of flash street photography on camera. As opposed to our off-camera flash articles and guides, this post is designed for those street photographers who want to use either the built-in flash on their camera or an external flash on their camera hot shoe to create cool flash street photos and effects. So if that sounds up your street make sure you give this a read!

Slideshow Presentation of the work of Street Photographer Constantinos Arvanitis

Constantinos Arvanitis was the winner of our July 2017 street photography monthly theme contest with his submission for ‘The Colour Blue’. For his prize Constantinos had his winning photo featured across our Facebook, Twitter and G+ account social media pages, and took part in an exclusive interview with us too. The final part of his prize was a presentation of 50 or so of Constantinos’ best street photos hosted on our ever-popular YouTube channel. Give it a watch!

Throwback Tuesday 19/12 – Wait! Let those pictures marinate! Read why it is better to wait to edit your images (Digital)

Our final Throwback Tuesday post of the year was a real corker – a great piece of writing about personal photographic development by Andrew Sweigart on the benefits of slowing down your editing process and waiting to review your photos in the interests of objectivity. If you’re the sort of person who struggles with editing your photos then you really should have a read of this! Facebook Group Cover Photo for w/c 18/12/17 by Bachchu Mondal

Bachchu Mondal FB photo
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 18th December 2017 by Bachchu Mondal.

This wonderfully colourful photograph by Bachchu Mondal was the pick for our Facebook Group Cover Photo for this week. There’s a lot going on in this photo and all of it good – lovely high contrast shadows and lovely linking of layers through colours between the subject and the background. We really like it Bachchu! Flickr Group Updated

As always, we’ve been updating the pending pool of submissions to the Flickr Group every week to make sure we’re always showing you a great selection of the best, freshest and hottest current street photographs out there on the web. This is your one-stop-shop as far as dedicated street photography galleries go, so get exploring!


That catches us up for half of November and the whole month of December, and also brings us to a close for our regular postings for the year. We’re going to be announcing details of our annual break very shortly, so you can expect the website blog and our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and G+ pages to be a little quieter than usual for the next few weeks. Make sure you keep an eye out though, as we’ll be posting the odd thing from time to time when we get the chance, and rest assured, we’ve got a host of exciting stuff planned and ready for you guys in the new year.

In the meantime,

Stay sharp and keep shooting!


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