This Week on 6/11/17 to 12/11/17

This Week on 6/11/17 to 12/11/17

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This Week 6/11/17 to 12/11/17


Another week has ended, which means it’s just the time for us to put together a short debrief of just what’s been going on with us Street Hunters, with ‘This Week on’! We’ve got a couple of month’s worth of weekly summaries now archived over on the ‘‘This Week’ page of the website, so make sure you head on over if you’ve been out of the loop for a while and have some catching up to do. But for now, let’s crack on with everything that’s been happening this week!

Throwback Tuesday – Under The Influence of Khalik Allah

Our week began with a look back at one of our archived blog posts from the summer of 2014 – Andrew Sweigart’s Under The Influence piece all about how the work of the top street photographer Khalik Allah has influenced Andrew’s own street photography. Andrew really delves into the nitty gritty of the enormous significance of Khalik’s work, so make sure you give the blog post a read! And if you’re a big fan of Khalik Allah, don’t forget we also recorded a hangout interview with him too!

Inside Alexandros Koukoulis’ Camera Bag – Bag No 139

It’s been a while, but this week we were finally able to share a brand new street photographer’s camera bag with you. For over a month now we’ve been asking you to send in the contents of your camera bags, and Alexandros Koukoulis answered our call! Alexandros’ camera bag contains a powerful little Fujfiilm X-T10 and 4 prime lenses plus a zoom lens, so make sure you take a peek inside! And don’t forget, we’re always on the hunt for new camera bags, so if you haven’t sent yours in already, get on it!

Winner of the October 2017 Street Photography Contest, Alfredo Aleandri

Alfredo Aleandri October 2017 winner
Winning photo for October 2017 Monthly Theme Contest ‘Shadows Telling a Story’ by Alfredo Aleandri.

Last week we announced our nominees for the October 2017 Monthly Theme Contest, where we were looking for street photos which fitted the theme of ‘Shadows Telling a Story’. After discussing our individual editor’s picks as a team, we voted, and the winner of the October Monthly theme contest was Alfredo Aleandri with the great street photo you can see above. Well done Alfredo! As with all our monthly winners in 2017, Alfredo currently has his street shot featured as the cover photo on our Facebook, Twitter and G+ pages, and will also be receiving exposure for street photography portfolio with an upcoming interview and a slideshow presentation of his work on the YouTube channel. We are now taking accepting submissions for November’s theme on the subject of ‘Hatred’, so start sending in your street photos if you fancy a chance of winning this month! Facebook Group Cover Photo by Sergio Raffaele

Streethunters FB Group Photo by Sergio Raffaele
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 6th November 2017 by Sergio Raffaele.

The Facebook Group now has almost 3,500 street photographers from around the world who all enjoy sharing their street photos regularly. Each week we go through the photos that have been submitted to the group and pick a single street photo which is our absolute favourite of all those we have had the pleasure of viewing over the week. This week’s Facebook Group Cover Photo was this brilliant colour street photo by Sergio Raffaele. Featuring a wonderful background and a brilliant juxtaposition with an unusual subject eating an ice cream it really is a one-of-a-kind street photo. Wonderful work Sergio!

Feature Post – ‘Soul: The Hidden Ingredient in Great Street Photography’ – a guest article by Jeremy Brake

Finally we brought the week to a close with a feature post, which this week was a guest article written by the street photographer Jeremy Brake exclusively for We like to try and feature blog posts by guest writers as it gives both us as editors and you as readers the opportunities to enjoy a different voice and outlook on street photography, and lots of new ideas too. Jeremy’s excellent article discusses the pitfalls of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), and how a street photographer (or any photographer for that matter) should aim to focus more on what they want to take photos of than the tools they make their photos with. His article is very pertinent, and really is food for thought for us all, so please give it a read!


That’s all we have to summarise for you this week, but make sure you keep a close watch on us over the coming days for more street photography news, articles and opinions! Remember it’s easy to stay up to date with what we’ve got going on by subscribing to our blog mailing list with the email signup box, and by liking and following on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube and Instagram. Until next week,

Stay sharp and keep shooting!


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