This Week on 18/9/17 – 24/9/17

This Week on 18/9/17 – 24/9/17

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This Week 18/9/17 - 24/9/17


Welcome back to This Week on, our weekly bite-sized roundup of the week’s action and events on the Streethunters street photography blog website and across all our social media feeds. If you fancy a scroll back through time, you can check out older weekly run-downs in our This Week category.

We are Out of Camera Bags!

Normally we like to kick off the week on a Monday with a look inside one of your camera bags. For over three years now we’ve been showcasing the many and varied gear setups you all rock when you head out on the streets, from the minimal one camera one lens bags to bags bursting with gear, and from analogue film cameras to digital cameras. We’ve now reached a whopping 137 camera bags! But this week we weren’t able to release a new What’s in Your Camera Bag post because we didn’t have any new camera bags! So, we’re calling on all of you readers and street photographers to send us in a photo of your camera bag so we can keep this fantastic feature going for many more years. Don’t delay!

Valérie Jardin Podcast: Do Something for Nothing in NYC with Joshua Coombes

Valérie Jardin is a good friend of Not only is she one of the top women street photographers in the world, but she is also a blogger and author of an eBook called ‘Street Photography: First Steps And Beyond’ which Andrew Sweigart has reviewed on, and we have also featured Valerie’s camera bag on the website too. You may also be familiar with Valérie from her tireless work as a street photography podcaster, first with Street Focus (including an episode featuring our own Spyros Papaspyropoulos), and currently with a podcast series called Hit the Streets with Valérie Jardin. This week we shared a link on our Facebook Page to Valérie’s latest podcast, Hit The Streets 52: Do Something For Nothing in NYC with Joshua Coombes. In it Valérie interviews Joshua Coombes, a London hairstylist who gives free haircuts to homeless people. The podcast and accompanying blog post describe Valérie’s experience documenting Joshua’s charitable work in NYC using her Fujifilm X100F. You might like to check it out!

Ksenia Tsykunova throwback
Street Photo of the Week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Throwback Tuesday: Street Photo of the week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Our throwback Tuesday post this week was a lovely delve into the archives from July 2014 from our ‘Street Photo of the Week’ series. The photo featured was this amazing surreal shot by the Russian street photographer Ksenia Tsykunova. Make sure you check out the post for a short bio of Ksenia, links to her portfolio, and Spyros’ breakdown of why he thinks the shot rocks! Facebook Group Cover Photo by Edward Conde

There were some really fantastic street photos submitted to the Facebook Group this week, but my absolute favourite was this superb street shot by Edward Conde, which was chosen as the week’s Facebook Group Cover Photo! This cracking shot features some great colour, fabulous juxtaposition, and a really nice playful witty tone which I absolutely love. It’s one of those photos you can keep looking at and spotting more and more great little details. Awesome work Edward!

Edward Conde Facebook Cover
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 18th September 2017 by Edward Conde.

Press Release: Meryl Meisler’s Sassy Circus & Creepy Clowns

In our press release this week we announced the launch of an amazing looking new exhibition by Meryl Meisler, described by TIME magazine as one of the top Unsung American Female Photographers of the Past Century. Meryl’s exhibition is being held from the 22nd September to 22nd November at the Bizarre Black Box Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition features Meryl’s photos documenting the finale of The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus, alongside a series of her 1977 clown photos which have been edited to include images of current US President Donald Trump. The combination is going to a must-see for lovers of the off-the-wall and surreal! Check out the press release for more info! Flickr Group Updated

We dedicated some time this week to combing through the submissions in the pending pool for the Flickr Group. A load of superb new street photos were added into the photostream showcase for one of the web’s finest user-submitted curated street photography photo galleries. We are always astounded at the sheer brilliance of the work being produced by street photographers around the world. If you have a spare half an hour or so, or are in need of some inspiration, make sure you dive into it!

Gareth Bragdon’s GoFundMe

On Saturday we shared a link to a GoFundMe run by the street photographer Gareth Bragdon seeking support in his ongoing struggle with the fallout from his diagnosis with Lyme disease. We featured one of Gareth’s street photos in our Street Photo of the Week series, and he also made our List of 15 Flash Street Photographers You Should Follow on Social Media. You can read more about his GoFundMe here. We wish you a speedy recovery Gareth!


That’s all for this week everyone! The blog was slightly quieter for new posts this week as we had lots of irons in the fire for some other projects and work going on for new content that will be hitting you next week. Make sure you stay tuned for all that we have in store in for you next week by subscribing to our mailing list via the email sign-up on the right, and by liking and following us on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube & Instagram.

Stay sharp and keep shooting!


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