This Week on 11/9/17 to 17/9/17

This Week on 11/9/17 to 17/9/17

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This Week 11/7/17 cover


Welcome back to This Week on, a new feature where we set out a quick summary of all the week’s events and goings-on across our blog and social media feeds so you all can easily catch up with every bit of Street Hunters news in one place. All our previous weekly summaries will be grouped under our ‘This Week’ category on the website, so if you’ve been away from us for a while you can simply scroll back through our old summaries and get back up to date!

Inside Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera Bag – Bag No 137

As always, the week began with us showcasing the contents of a camera bag. This time around, it was the turn of Lorenzo G. Muci, a street photographer, archaeologist and former post-punk guitarist from Lecce, Italy. Lorenzo uses a super small setup, rocking a Sony DSC-RX100 compact camera set to a fairly-wide 28mm focal length. He also carries a card reader with him for mobile street photo editing. So, if you’re a fan of ultra minimalist camera bags make sure you give Lorenzo’s a look!

Throwback Tuesday – Inside Mavritivs’ Camera bag

Camera bag aficionados got a double treat this week, as ‘throwback Tuesday’ featured another ‘What’s in Your Camera Bag?’ blog post, this time from way back in 2014. The bag in question belonged to the photographer Mavritiv, and included a Nikon V1, Nikon V2, and three Nikkor lenses. Mavritiv, if you’re reading this, we’d love to know if your street photography camera bag setup has changed since 2014, so if it has, please get in touch and re-submit your new one! The same goes for any of you readers – what’s in your camera bag is one of our most popular long running features and relies entirely on your submissions, so make sure you drop us a line if your camera bag has changed since we last featured it, or if you’ve never got round to being on the website before!

Antonio E. Ojeda Facebook Cover
The Facebook Group Cover Photo for the week commencing 12th September 2017 by Antonio E. Ojeda Facebook Group Cover Photo by Antonio E. Ojeda

Our choice for the Facebook Group Cover photo was this cracking black and white photo by Antonio E. Ojeda. I was really impressed by the excellent composition on display here, as well as the interesting low angle point of view. This is a great example of how to effectively use exposure to create really awesome shapes and effects in the form of the three powerful silhouettes of the hat wearing horse riders. The effect is timeless and cinematic, nice one Antonio!

Press Release: Indo Street Project’s Bandung Public Space

On Wednesday we gave you a debrief of public street photography photo exhibition which was held in Bandung, Indonesia and organised by the Indo Street Project street photography community. The West Java branch of Indo Street put together the ‘Bandung Public Space’ street photography exhibition from 31st August to 4th September in the region’s capital, Bandung. The exhibition featured almost 60 photos taken by 29 different street photographers. Judging from the photos of the exhibition, it looks like the event was quite a hit with the public, so make sure you check out our relevant blog post to get an idea of how it looked. Here’s hoping the exhibition has created some interest in the genre in the area and maybe even kick started the careers of a new generation of street photographers!

Zlatko Vickovic Colour Green winning
Zlatko Vickovic’s winning photo for the May 2017 Theme Contest, ‘The Colour Green’

Slideshow presentation of the work of Street Photographer Zlatko Vickovic

On Saturday we uploaded our presentation of the work of the street photographer Zlatko Vickovic to our YouTube channel. Zlatko was the winning photographer for our May 2017 Monthly Theme Contest subject of ‘The Colour Green’ with this lovely street photo you see above. You may be aware that the prize for the winner of each of our monthly theme contests is exclusive monthly exposure on our website and across our social media feeds. Zlatko has already had his winning photo featured as the cover on our Facebook and G+ pages and our Twitter account, and in July we interviewed Zlatko and showcased some of our favourite photos. The final part of Zlatko’s prize was a custom-made video slideshow of over 50 of his street photos. Make sure you check it out, and remember we’re still accepting submissions for September’s Monthly Theme Contest subject, ‘The Colour Pink’.

Spyro’s Ultimate List of Street Photography Collectives Updated

It was also a week of updates this week. The first involved adding some new names to the ever growing number in Spyro’s Ultimate List of Street Photography Collectives. New collectives are being launched all the time, and they are a great way for street photographers to showcase their work and network. After the latest update, which included the additions of Hart Collective and Streetical, our street photography collectives list now stands at 53. If you’ve got any more to add, drop us a line! Flickr Group Updated

We also went through the submissions to the Flickr Group and updated it. The photo pool is very carefully curated, and is one of the finest showcases of all kinds of diverse street photography you’ll find anywhere online. If you’re ever looking to get inspired in your street photography, this is a great place to look!

Feature Post – How to Plan a Street Photography Trip to a Foreign Country

Finally, we rounded off the week with our feature post, which was written by me. In it, I tapped into the wealth of experience in the team to put together a little guide on How to Plan a Street Photography Trip to a Foreign Country. We’ve been lucky enough to have practiced street photography abroad several times, so we’ve offered some advice on things like choosing your travel destination, finding cheap flights and accommodation, packing, planning street photography routes, and using the Streethunters Local Guides program to try and get the most out of your street photography trip abroad. So if you’re planning on venturing to foreign climes, give it a read!


That brings us up to today and the end of the week folks! Thank you for staying with us and participating, and remember there’s a whole host of ways to follow what we’re up to by subscribing to email alerts on the website and liking and following us on Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, and Instagram. Until next week, stay sharp and keep shooting!


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