Inside Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera Bag

Inside Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera Bag

Inside Lorenzo G. Muci's Camera Bag

ATTENTION – Send us your camera bags!

If you want to participate, please read the rules of participation at the end of the post.
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera bag! (Bag No137)

Hello everyone,
Here’s Lorenzo G. Muci (the G stands for Giuseppe, which actually is my first name). I’m an archaeologist, former post-punk guitarist and non-pro photographer, based in Lecce, in the very heel of Italy. I like wandering around the streets with my camera in hand, getting lost in the alleys of the many villages scattered all over south-eastern Italy. I like documenting life and places, disappearing habits in their context, yet I really enjoy the rush of adrenaline that you feel when you spot something happening in front of your eyes. My shots are mainly in colors and mostly taken with a wide angle lens (at the moment the stock 28mm equivalent on my Sony camera), as my aim is to capture moments while they materialize in their environment.
Here’s my bag and its contents:

Lorenzo G. Muci's Camera Bag
Lorenzo G. Muci’s Camera Bag – Bag No.137


  • Sony DSC-RX100 camera: compact and unnoticeable camera, it took the place of my intrusive Nikon reflex.
  • Manfrotto PIXI mini-tripod: small and light, it’s useful for low-light situations.
  • Patona backup battery for my camera.
  • Spare SD cards.
  • KiwiBird SD/MicroSD/USB to MicroUSB adapter: I use it when I need to transfer my shots to smartphone so I can edit them on the fly.
  • ASUS ZenFone: despite its crappy camera, I occasionally take some shot with it, but mainly I use it when I want to develop RAW and upload them quickly.
  • Swees 12000mAh Powerbank
  • Cloth and a small brush to remove dust and rain from the camera body and lens: I’m paranoid about dust!
  • A notebook and a black ink pen.
  • Sandisk Sansa Clip+ Mp3 reader and Noontec Zoro HD headphones: the best pair of gears for an audiophile on the street.


Thanks, Streethunters! Get invisible, get unconsciousness, get emphatic, get lost.



Rules of participation

Each person that submits the contents of his bag will also be allowed 150 words to describe her / him self to the rest of the Readers via the website pages! We will even allow one link, back to your website! It will be loads of fun! Why? Well, because we will start to get to know each other through these small 150 word descriptions and of course through the contents of each one’s bags! Now, when we say Camera Bag, it doesn’t have to literally be a bag. It could be a pouch, a backpack, pockets of a jacket, whatever. All we need is the list of all the contents and a photo of those contents on a wooden or carpeted (preferably) floor from above. What must be included in the email you send us? Here is the list of things you need to provide us with in order to have a valid entry:

  • 150 word description of yourself and your Street Photography quirks, habits, tips, whatever. 150 words MAX.
  • Photo of the contents of your bag and your bag next to those contents on a floor, shot from 90 degrees above. High quality, big size.
  • List of items included in your camera bag.
  • Link to your website OR blog OR facebook page OR GooglePlus page OR whatever.
  • A closing remark 20 words MAX. You can say for example something like Thank for letting me share the contents of my bag, now stop looking into my privates and go take some photos!

We thank you in advance for your participation and we are really looking forward to finding out what YOU are hiding in your camera bags! Send everything in at! Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

About “What’s in your camera bag Street Hunter!”

In June 2014  we started sharing the contents of the Camera Bag of one of you, one of our awesome Readers every week! All images and text in these posts are written by the Readers presenting their camera bags.


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