September 2017 Monthly Theme Contest – The colour Pink

September 2017 Monthly Theme Contest – The colour Pink

The colour Pink contest

Hello Readers!

As mentioned in previous post “Revealing the Monthly Theme Contest New Rules & Prizes for 2017“, this year we have made some changes to the Monthly Theme Contests. The new rules are also included in this post and will be included in each contest post from now on. For your convenience, here are the changes:

What’s changed and what hasn’t in a nutshell

  1. The calendar at the end of the year is being canceled.
  2. The way we select photos remains the same.
  3. The monthly themes are much harder. You will need to work hard.
  4. The prizes the winners receive have changed. Read more below.

A few words about the Monthly Theme Contests

So, now it is time for the Monthly Theme Contest for September 2017! The Monthly Theme Contests are a fun challenge for all! Every month we choose a Theme and we ask you to participate by each sending us one Street Photograph each time at That photo must be based on the Monthly Theme. So for example if the theme is Long Shadows, then we would like you to each send a photo with a long shadow moment. Your photo can be taken any time in history, we don’t mind, as long as it has been taken by you and nobody else.

This month we want “The Colour Pink”

This month we would like to ask you to participate with Street Photos of “The Colour Pink”. We would like you to send in street photos that emphasise on the colour pink. We will not accept just any photo, only photos that really rock our world! So, send in cool looking photos! We look forward to see what you will sharing with us!

Please follow the example of the photo we are sharing with you here.

"Pink Panther" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos
“Pink Panther” by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

What Does The Winner Get?

The photograph that wins the Monthly Theme Contest will receive the following prizes:

  1. The winning photo will be featured on our website in the respective “Announcing the winner” post and will also be featured for 1 month as our cover photo on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.
  2. The Street Photographer that shot the winning photo will be interviewed by our Editorial team and his/her work will be featured on our website and on our Youtube channel.
  3. At the end of the year we will upload a video presentation of all the winning photos along with narrations by the winners themselves, explaining the story behind their photograph. 

When Can You Start Sending Your Photos?

You can start sending photos for this month’s Theme Contest from now and the end of the submissions are on the 25th of September 2017. The winners will be announced during the first part of October!

Where can you send your photos?

Please send your photos to our gmail at

Photo Requirements

  • Photos must be 1920 pixels on the long side.
  • Photos must be JPG.
  • Photos mustn’t have watermarks.
  • Photos can be taken any time in history.
  • Photos must be owned and photographed by the participant.
  • Each Reader can send 1 photograph to enter.
  • A Reader can change the 1 photo entered if they change their mind before the submissions closing date. 

What Are The Following Themes?

Below we are listing the future Themes for 2017 so you can prepare yourselves and plan ahead. You will notice that this year, the Monthly Theme Contests are even more challenging and interesting! So get prepared for the months to come!

October: Shadows telling a story
November: Hatred
December: Love

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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