Grab a discounted limited edition Cosyspeed Street Hunters Camslinger Streetomatic

Grab a discounted limited edition Cosyspeed Street Hunters Camslinger Streetomatic

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Cosyspeed Streetomatic Street Hunters promo cover

If you’d like to own a piece of rare memorabilia you need to make sure you check this out! As regular readers of, you’re probably already familiar with Cosyspeed, a manufacturer of innovative hip holster camera bags for mirrorless cameras (and more recently DSLRs) that are perfectly suited for street photographers. Cosyspeed and Street Hunters enjoy a fantastic ongoing relationship stretching back over several years, beginning in 2014 when we reviewed an early edition of the Camslinger Camera Bag for street photography, and continuing with Cosyspeed offering prizes for the lucky winners of our street photography monthly theme contests throughout the whole year of 2016, as well as sponsoring a variety of our street hunts, including those in Hamburg, Germany, Istanbul, Turkey, and London, England. The close relationship between and Cosyspeed continues to this day, as Cosyspeed are the sponsors of the 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting in London on the 25th of August this year, which includes both a film street photography workshop and a flash street photography workshop! So, just how can you get your hands on your very own limited edition camera bag that celebrates the partnership between our two brands? Read on for more…

The Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters Limited Edition

Cosyspeed Streetomatic Street Hunters promo 2

Cosyspeed bill the Camslinger as “The Fastest Camera Bag in the World”, and the Camslinger Streetomatic sits in the upper end of Cosyspeed’s holster camera bag range, as one of the company’s largest camera bag offerings, dwarfed only by the newly launched Camslinger Streetomatic+. The Streetomatic is able to easily accommodate a mirrorless camera and lens or a mid-size DSLR, as well as several accessories in its two side pockets. You can learn more about the Camslinger Streetomatic as a street photography camera bag in the review we conducted of a pre-production prototype in September 2015. So impressed were we with the potential of the Camslinger Streetomatic camera bag for street photography that when Thomas Ludwig, the founder of Cosyspeed, approached us to become patrons of a special limited edition of the Camslinger Streetomatic, we couldn’t say yes fast enough! Launched back in 2016, the Street Hunters Special Edition of the Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic is available in any colour as long is it’s black (for the ultimate low profile stealth look on the streets), and features an embroidered Street Hunters logo, making it an officially licensed piece of limited edition merchandise. Most importantly, €10 from the sale of each Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters Edition is donated to the Terre des Hommes children’s aid organisation based in Germany, providing support to child and teenage refugees from war zones like Syria who have been separated from their families. So, by purchasing the Street Hunters Edition of the Camslinger Streetomatic, not only do you get your hands on the first camera bag ever to bear the Street Hunters logo, but you also get to make a donation to charity too!

The Street Hunters Team Using the Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters Edition on the Streets

Digby Fullam Streethunters Streetomatic camera bag
Digby Fullam’s Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters edition camera bag

Naturally, all three of us editors sport our own personal versions of the Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters Edition which we all use on a regular basis for street hunts and photo walks all around the world. You can see the Street Hunters Streetomatic camera bag in action in lots of our street hunt and street talk videos on our YouTube channel, and my own personal Camslinger setup in our regular ‘What’s in your camera bag?’ feature too. My Camslinger Streetomatic has seen loads of use and abuse over the last year or so including some fairly intense hikes that featured some minor rock climbing and I’m pleased to report it has held up magnificently!

Grab the last remaining versions of the Street Hunters Camslinger Streetomatic

The Cosyspeed Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters Edition launched in August 2016 with a very limited production run of just 100 bags. Cosyspeed tells us there is now less than two thirds of the the stock of special edition bag remaining, so your time is running out! What’s more, as a special gift to you, our readers, Cosyspeed are offering a whopping 20% discount off the original retail price (€79.99 in Europe, $79.99 in USA) of the Camslinger Streetomatic Street Hunters edition. All you need to do to take advantage of this awesome offer is use the exclusive promo code ‘streethunters’ in Cosyspeed’s official online store for the USA or Europe and you’ll be making a big saving on a special piece of Street Hunters history. So, don’t delay, and grab a great discount on a superb camera bag today!

Cosyspeed Streetomatic Street Hunters promo 1


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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