The 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting Street Photography Workshops this August in...

The 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting Street Photography Workshops this August in London!

Street Hunters Street Photography Workshops in London


Dear Readers!

Time sure does fly by fast! There are only a couple of months left until the 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting! Exciting times!

A few months ago we shared information about the 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting. Today, we will be sharing with you information concerning the two (2) workshops that will take place on the 25th of August!

Workshop 1 – 35mm film Street Photography Workshop by Hamish Gill of 35mmc (10:00 – 14:00)

Film Photography Workshop in London

“The goal of this workshop is to increase the confidence of all who attend in the process of shooting film for street photography. The advantages of shooting digital are much quicker to understand and learn simply through the immediacy of the format. Learning and indeed mastering film can seem like a much greater mounting to climb – even after 25 years of shooting film, I still feel like I am learning, but I also feel that I now have a lot to share!

In this workshop I will give you an overview of film photography, I will touch on some of the distinctions between film and digital as well as helping to answer some of the questions I am most frequently asked:

  • What is film, and how does it work?
  • What film to use, when and why?
  • Why how how film can bring advantages over digital?
  • What camera will work best for you?
  • Should you shoot fully manual, or automatic?
  • How to meter, and why?
  • What words and phrases like latitude, density, exposure index, box speed, pushing, pulling, zone focusing and the zone system mean?

This will then be followed by some one on one practical guidance for each attendee as we wonder around the streets on London.”

-Hamish Gill of

Workshop 2 – Flash Street Photography Workshop by Spyros Papaspyropoulos (16:00 – 20:00)

Flash Street Photography Workshop in London

“During this 4 hour session, I will help you understand how to use Flash in Street Photography and how to make impressive effects, such as liquid backgrounds with solid subjects.

I will be teaching you the essentials of Flash Street Photography and I will explain to you how to choose the best settings for any situation, such as shooting during the day when the sun is at its brightest (If the light permits, we will practice fill flash techniques shooting against the sun too), shooting before sunset when the light is not so strong and shooting at night, when there is no environmental light and you have to rely on your flash 100%.

But the workshop doesn’t end there! I will show you how to approach your subjects without scaring them, without being perceived as a threat, and how to talk to them if you have any sort of conflict.

By the end of the 4 hours, you will know how to make street photographs using a flash and you will be very impressed with the images you will be able to produce!

To attend the workshop you will need to have a camera and an external flash. Also a cord or wireless triggers will be a bonus because you will be able to practice off-camera flash street photography, just like Bruce Gilden! Cameras with popup flashes will also do, but an external flash is preferable.”

-Spyros Papaspyropoulos of

Each workshop will last 4 hours, so you basically get 8 full hours of Street Photography Workshops in one day!


The attendance fee for 1 workshop is £40 per person. If you wish to attend both workshops the fee is £60 per person for both workshops.

Workshop prices

How to pay

To pay for the workshop and to reserve your position you will need to make your deposit in COSYSPEED’s PayPal account which is

Please use the following guidelines depending on which workshop(s) you want to attend:

Film Photography Workshop

Paypal account:
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Hamish
Cost: £40

Flash Street Photography Workshop

Paypal account:
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Spyros
Cost: £40

BOTH Workshops

Paypal account:
Reason for deposit: #3rdASHMeeting – Both
Cost: £60


The workshop attendees will be first come first serve, and the limit for each workshop is 10 members. So make sure you reserve your spot before all seats are taken and remember registrations will be open until the 24th of July.

Registrations until the 24th of August

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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