Street Talk Episode #09 – “Slow shutter speed Street Photography”

Street Talk Episode #09 – “Slow shutter speed Street Photography”

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Street Talk Episode #09 - “Slow Shutters Speed Street Photography”


Dear Readers,

It has been over two months since the previous episode of Street Talk, but we are now back and we aim to continue posting videos on a biweekly basis just like before. With all the preparations for the 3rd Annual Street Hunters meeting, the London Street Photography Festival and the PhoS Athens Street Photography festival there are so many exciting things that need to be done!

Today we are presenting Episode #09 “Slow shutter speed Street Photography”! More on that later. Before that let me remind you of our previous episodes in case you are new to our Street Talk series. Up to this point we have released the following episodes so far:

If you haven’t watched them, give them a look. They are short videos between 5 and 10 minutes, and they get straight to the point. If you like them, please like them in YouTube, share them and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The Day Of The Video

So, as I mentioned before, in Street Talk Episode #09 I talk about “Slow shutter speed Street Photography”. The day of the recording the weather was unstable. One minute it would rain the next minute it would be sunny. So, I decided in order to avoid any unexpected interruptions by the weather, to shoot the theoretical part of the video inside and once that was done to move outside for some practical shooting.

The “Slow shutter speed Street Photography” video


Using slow shutters speeds you can produce some really interesting images. I personally find that this technique works much better in larger towns and cities, since you need moving and still subjects to get the best results. Some of you might not find this style of shooting street appealing, others might love it. Personally, I don’t shoot like this, it isn’t my style, however I do enjoy the results other street photographers get with slow shutter speeds and I urge you to give it go and experience it for yourself. You never know, you might just love it!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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