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Press Release: A community about Street Photography

There’s a new street photography website, and their goal is “to support, educate, and inspire a new generation of street photographers in the post Cartier-Bresson world.” Ladies and gentlemen, has launched! is founder’s Johnny Mobasher’s dream come to fruition. He has spent nearly two decades pursuing the domain. He “just missed” obtaining it in the late 90’s, but all the while he kept a watchful eye on the domain. A few years ago, the domain came up for public auction. After a late-night bidding frenzy, Mobasher secured, and the keystone was in place. Mobasher believes in the value of the definitive domain and its power to attract the community to a central hub.

Mobasher plans to use “to showcase and promote the very best of the genre, while, simultaneously, providing inspiration to aspiring photographers by way of exclusive content from established names like Bruce Gilden, Jill Freedman, and Marian Schmidt.”

The UK-based founder’s long term vision is to build a virtual community of street photographers. A place for education, inspiration, and representation…a place where work will not only get shown, but get noticed. The site will allow registered users to submit their photography, essays, and editorials for publication on the site free of charge.

Mobasher acknowledges that street photography is a buzz right now and it has been building for a couple of decades. But he stresses that his site is not a commercial venture, and there will be “no sixty dollar portfolio submission fees.”

“That’s why we’re here, at, to uncover standards, to educate, to inspire, and to encourage our peers to strive for the very, very best. Indeed, that is our mission – to showcase the very best in street photography. Period. We will celebrate the masters, the young, the old, the newbie, the experienced, emerging, retired – everyone! Everyone is welcome and we believe everyone has something valuable to contribute.”


“We just insist on good work.”

Mobasher’s hope for the future is that the community at will grow, prosper, expand, and fraternize in a way that forms a definitive online location for the street photography genre. A look at the site shows that it is indeed on a path to realizing that hope. In addition to the exclusive content from Gilden, Freedman and Schmidt mentioned above, there’s interviews with Jonathan Higbee, Stuart Paton, Alberte Pereira, Charles Petit, Gabi Ben-Avraham and our own Spyros Papaspyropoulos. Also, the popular street photographer and author, Michael Ernest Sweet, who interviews a few of the aforementioned street shooters, has posts on the definition, history and rules of street photography featured. is live and it’s kicking. Click on over and check it out!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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