Slideshow Presentation of the work of Street Photographer Christoph Wuzella

Slideshow Presentation of the work of Street Photographer Christoph Wuzella

Christoph Wuzella Street Photographer Slideshow Presentation


Christoph Wuzella is the winner of the March 2017 Monthly Theme Contest. He is a Street Photographer is based in Vienna, where he produces the majority of his work. Two months ago, Christoph won the “Flash Street Photography” monthly theme contest. His images was selected from a pool of 28 flash street photography themed photographs!

Since January we have introduced new prizes for the winners of these monthly theme contests. All prizes aim to give the winners massive exposure on our website and our social profiles. But what are those prizes?

First of all Christoph’s winning shot was the cover image for our Facebook page, our Twitter page and our Google+ page for the month of April 2017.

Secondly we promoted the blog post announcing his win on all our Social channels.

In addition to the above, a few days ago we interviewed him and presented a selection of photos from his extensive body of work.

The final stage of the exposure prizes is to create a video slideshow of 50-60 of his favourite photographs and share it with our 11K subscribers on our Youtube channel.

Slideshow Presentation Of The Work Of Street Photographer Christoph Wuzella

So here is it Street Hunters! Some of Christoph Wuzella’s favourite photos to date. Give the video a look and please don’t forget to like and share!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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