Press Release: Call For Entries For FourTwoNine Photo Exhibit

Press Release: Call For Entries For FourTwoNine Photo Exhibit

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FourTwoNine magazine LGBTQ exhibit

A brand new exhibition hosted by the magazine FourTwoNine may just be the shot of diversity street photography needs.

FourTwoNine, a newly relaunched men’s magazine based in Los Angeles, is seeking entries for a project documenting the real lives of LGBTQ people across the United States. Photos selected will appear in a touring gallery show beginning during Pride in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and in an upcoming issue of our national magazine’s print and online editions.

FourTwo Nine is inspired by the power of images to present LGBTQ life in all of its richness. Even within the community, we sometimes don’t understand the struggles and joys others are experiencing in different regions, different socio-economic situations, among different race, religion and age groups, and in all of the wildly different personal situations people find themselves in.

The magazine would like to present to the world a view of LGBTQ life that reflect this variety: FourTwo Nine is looking for documentary photos, photojournalism and street photography that will surprise viewers who may be used to seeing a narrower range of Pride-style depictions of gay people.

FourTwoNine is seeking work that has not been published in mainstream media, and only ask for exclusivity for the Summer of 2017. Selected work will be credited with bio and links. One image may be selected for use on the cover of FourTwoNine magazine.

The deadline for entry is May 25, 2017. Lo-res files are to be submitted to along with notes on your photo’s context and a brief bio and contact info. Limit of five photos per entry. Photographers will be notified in early June if their work has been selected and will receive details on prep for the exhibit and on uploading hi-res files for publication. Details on exhibition dates to be announced by June 10.

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Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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