Press Release: MoPP’S Photobook Exhibition and Fotomarathon

Press Release: MoPP’S Photobook Exhibition and Fotomarathon

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MOPP Photobook Exhibition 2017 cover

The Cyprus Photographic Society is not slowing down one bit with its Months Of Photography Paphos program! Here are two more events within the three-month long program that will appeal to a broad range of photographers. And like all the other events, participation is affordable, or even free!

First up is the return of the FOTOMARATHON for its third installment on Saturday, April 29th. The Fotomarathon is a challenging and fun photo competition. Participants meet at a specified time in a region of Paphos to take the 4 unknowns (as then) themes. Participants have four hours to interpret and take photos of these themes with his/her camera. The idea is for participants to be creative, spontaneous, original and have fun. The objective is the creative expression of the participants within a specified context (themes) and their interaction with the social, cultural and built environment of the city.

The program explains that the Fotomarathon is an action that encourages people to see the city from a new perspective. It pushes them through a photographic challenge to discover new meanings at known or unknown locations and explore ways of visualizing ideas, thoughts, feelings and rhythms of life in the city itself.

Anyone can participate! The Fotomarathon is open to people of all ages, amateurs, professionals, casual friends of photography, aspiring photographers and others who want to enjoy a unique creative experience. The start and finish point is at Kennedy Square in Pafos center. Arrival time is 9:00 AM. The marathon starts at 10:00 AM and finishes at 2:00 PM. Submissions will be made between 1:30 AND 2:30 PM via the camera or phone’s digital card.

It is important to note the camera’s digital card should be empty of photos at the start of the fotomarathon and that no digital processing is accepted apart from any settings they can use on their camera. Exif archives will be checked. Black/white and color photos are accepted.

The best photos from each theme will be presented in an exhibition in June. First winners of each theme will receive an award.

MOPP Fotomarathon 2017

Next up is MOPP’s PHOTOBOOK EXHIBITION, another free event! This is an exhibition dedicated to the form of book and welcomes artists and individual publishers worldwide to submit their self-published books for consideration.

The aim is to showcase a wide variety of photobooks. The CPS and MOPP are interested in photobooks independently or commercially published and distributed, handmade, self-published, book dummies, exhibition catalogues, zines and limited edition photography books, etc. Books that feature the work by various photographers/artists are also eligible for submission.

There is no submission fee for your book’s entry, and the deadline is April 30, 2017. The selected books will be displayed at ANANAS 8BIT COFFEE (Athinas 35Α-35Β, 8010 – next to The House of Literature and Arts) from the 6th until the 16th of May.

Submission of more than one book is eligible, however each entry must be submitted with its own completed submission form. All selected books will be entered into the CPS Paphos Branch archive for future shows and as a resource for research. If you would like your book to be returned to you, you will be required to cover the full return postage (prepaid).

MOPP Photobook Exhibition 2017

Both of these events are free and offer not only fun but a chance for exposure. The CPS and MOPP should be applauded for their efforts to inspire. Get in on it.

Complete rules and submission information can be found at and



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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