Street Talk Episode #08 – “Different POVs in Street Photography”

Street Talk Episode #08 – “Different POVs in Street Photography”

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Street Talk Episode #08 - “Different POVs in Street Photography”


Dear Readers,

We are now releasing Episode #08 “Different POVs in Street Photography” and we are loving making the Street Talk episodes. We hope you are finding them enjoyable too. Up to this point we have released the following episodes so far:

Episode #01: Introducing the Street Talk series.
Episode #02: What gear do I recommend you have while on a local Street Hunt.
Episode #03: P, A, S and M camera modes.
Episode #04: Introducing 3rd party Street Hunt videos and the new monthly theme competition prizes.
Episode #05: The Hip Shot Technique in Street Photography
Episode #06: Zone Focusing & Hyperfocal Distance
Episode #07: How to choose a camera for Street Photography

If you haven’t watched them, give them a look. They are short videos between 5 and 10 minutes, and they get straight to the point. If you like them, please like them in YouTube and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The Day Of The Video

So, as I mentioned before, in Street Talk Episode #08 I talk about “Different POVs in Street Photography”. The day of the recording I visited the Fortezza fortress again here in Rethymno and found a nice spot with a view to discuss with your about the Points Of View in Street Photography. During the view I mention the following POVs:

  • Rat’s Eye View
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Dog’s Eye View and
  • Tall man’s Eye View

The “Different POVs in Street Photography” video


Unless you have been shooting for a while and you have already tried out the different POVs I mention above and in the video, you should get some new ideas about making street photos once you have seen this video. It is very common for all of us to get zoned in to using the camera from the standard normal eye level point of view, but we need to freshen our portfolio up by keeping in mind that there are other POVs and angles that we can shoot from in order to get unique, uncommon results that will look interesting and intriguing. So, next to you are out there with your camera, mix it up, take photos you haven’t tried to take before and enjoy yourself.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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