MoPP Pafos BULBphotos Annual Exhibition 2017 cover

We’ve mentioned the fantastic Months of Photography Pafos program here at Streethunters previously. Sponsored by the Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch, the program hosts an engaging and educational series of events for all photographers and for all ages. Included are various workshops, exhibitions, seminars and film screenings, and most are at a low cost or free! The three-month long program is seeking to establish itself as an international photography festival comparable with others, and it appears to be on it’s way to doing so in Cyprus’ beautiful Paphos, a 2017 European Capital of Culture.

MoPP Pafos BULBphotos Annual Exhibition 2017

One way MoPP is working at becoming a premier festival is by hosting BULBphotos Annual Exhibition. The BULB (Bucharest Urban League of photographers for the Balkans) collective consists of photographers active in urban (and rural) photography with an expressive shift to include highly aesthetic and poetic images in their assignments. The photographers:

“share the same vision but not the same perspective, which gives the necessary “polyphony” in their extremely ambitious endeavor to cover all the aspects of the Balkan neorealism. Their visual signatures aspire to create iconic images and to be the best in metamorphosing and interpreting all aspects of life in this highly contradictory and fascinating part of the world.”

Thanos Savvidis BULBphotos Annual Exhibition 2017
Thanos Savvidis

The BULBphotos annual exhibition began in Bucharest and then travelled to Thessaloniki, Katerini, Athens and is now in Pafos. It is included in the parallel platform “Celebrating-PAFOS2017”. Photographs will be for sale at the exhibition at 50% off their original price for charity purposes. All money collected (no reduction) will be given to three charity organizations: PASYKAF, I TOLMI, EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS. This year’s exhibition runs from 4/2- 4/10 at Palia Ilektriki, Pafos and admission is free.

Charalambos Nicolaidis BULB Annual Exhibition 2017
Charalambos Nicolaidis

The BULB collective was founded in 2015 on the initiative and invitation of 6 photographers from Bucharest by Michail Moscholios.  The full members choose at regular intervals a number of associate members (it is a non-binding cooperation). Today the group counts 32 photographers from Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy. The aim is to present the surreal beauty of the contradictory Balkans. The collaboration is effective because of geographical proximity and the use of social media. Three Cypriot photographers are members of the BULBphotos collective: Andreas Neophytou, Thanos Savvidis and Charalampos Nicolaidis.

Andreas Neophytou BULB Annual Exhibition 2017
Andreas Neophytou

The BULBphotos Annual exhibition is but just one component of the MoPP program, but it’s sure to be one of the most visually stunning ones. Check out some of their member’s work with the links below and put this exhibition at the top of your to-do list if you’re attending the program!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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