Months of Photography Paphos – Public Art 2017

Months of Photography Paphos – Public Art 2017

Months of Photography Paphos Public Art 2017

The Cyprus Photographic Society- Paphos Branch is bringing back their successful PUBLIC ART exhibition for 2017!

PUBLIC ART is a challenging invitation for photographers in and outside Cyprus. The aim of this project is to take photographic art close to the public without exhibiting in conventional rooms (read galleries). The 12 winners of this competition will have the opportunity to have solo exhibitions at 12 different cafes, bars and other places in Paphos for 28 days and for only 20 Euros! It’s a truly great opportunity for photographers to have their work seen in comfortable social areas and retail establishments, providing exposure to members of the public who may not get out to the galleries!

The Cyprus Photographic Society (CPS) says participants are requested to provide a portfolio of 6-10 images which will be associated with the photographer’s personal preferences, idea or even a storytelling situation. The CPS stresses they are seeking “subject” portfolios and not portfolios of specific categories or collections of a photographer’s best photos. The assessment committee will select portfolios based on the following criteria:

  • The contiguity of the photos to the specific subject
  • The coherence of all photos as a unified set
  • The artistic and the sensational quality of the set of photos
  • The uniqueness of the proposal

The assessment committee is made up of three talented photographers: Eric Frot, Andros Efstathiou who is also owner of ‘Is Not Gallery’ and Michail Moscholios, founder of BULBphotos collective. They are accepting submissions until March 8, 2017. Rules and guidelines can be found in this Google Drive folder.

The Cyprus Photographic Society has again presented photographers with a great chance for exposure in the beautiful city of Paphos, selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2017. Get in on it!

Months of Photography Paphos Public Art 2017 2


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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