Street Talk Episode 4 – “Announcing 3rd part street hunts”

Street Talk Episode 4 – “Announcing 3rd part street hunts”

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Dear Readers,

After a short break for the holidays, the Street Talk Youtube series is back with a couple of announcements.

I will start from the 2nd announcement first. If you have been following the website regularly then you have heard of the new Monthly Theme Contest Prizes so the 2nd out of the two announcements shared with you today will already be known to you. In case you missed this announcement, then all you have to do is read more information in our relative blog post published just after the holidays called “Revealing the Monthly Theme Contest New Rules & Prizes for 2017”. In this post you can see what has changed with the Monthly Theme Street Photography Contests and also check out what each winner will be receiving every month from now on. We promise it is going to be super exciting.

The 1st announcement we make in the video is about the 3rd party Street Hunt videos! 3PSH videos will be street hunt videos, just like the ones you are used to watching, but not made by us, but by you! So, you can make the videos, share them with us via a dropbox link or wetransfer and then we will upload your video to our channel so your work can get exposed to all our YouTube subscribers! The idea for this was given to us by one of our YouTube viewers and also winner of the December 2016 Monthly Theme Contest, Daniel Tschitsch from Germany, during a discussion that started in one of our previous Street Talk episodes, specifically Street Talk Episode 1. So you guys can start sending us your first person POV videos right away! Daniel has already given us his video and we will be uploading it sometime within the next week or two.

In order for your videos to be uploaded to our channel, they must be presentable, they shouldn’t promote any products or services and they should not violate any Intellectual Property rights. Once we have viewed your video and approved it, we will add our logo at the beginning, we will mention and display your name and announce something like this:

“This video has been shared with the YouTube channel by (name of Street Photographer) a Street Photographer from (name of country)”. As an online resource specialising in Street Photography, we maintain the right to not share a video you have sent us if we think that it violates anybody’s rights in any way or if it is abusive. We have to mention these things so we are clear from the start with you guys.

So grab your GoPros and your ActionCams, mount them on your cameras and go and make some videos and photos! We look forward to receiving your footage!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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