Street Hunt No22 – Street Photography with the Ricoh GR and the...

Street Hunt No22 – Street Photography with the Ricoh GR and the Fujifilm X70

Street Hunt 22


Dear Readers hello!

Today I am happy to present to you the new Street Hunt #22 video that we shot in Iraklio, Crete. I know you have all been eagerly awaiting a new street hunt video since we released the street hunt video of the 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London back in September. The reason it’s taken us so long to publish this new street hunt is because we managed to record a total of 16GB in video files during our day that needed processing and editing and synchronising with the hundreds of photos we shot. We had to go through every photo we each took, time stamp them by the second, and then splice them in with the footage! The amount of work required was massive and it took me several months to complete. I guess, if this was my full time job, I could have had it ready much sooner, but I worked on the video late at night after work, so that was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Our gear

But let’s get to the video details and let me tell you what you are about to watch. This time, both Digby and myself are shooting with compact cameras instead of our trusty Fujifilm X-Pro1s. We are using my Ricoh GR which I have reviewed in the past and the Fujifilm X70 that Fujifilm Hellas let us review a few months back. If you haven’t read those reviews, you should give them a look. During the video we both use each camera, putting both of them through their paces, and expressing our thoughts about each of them in turn. It’s a street hunt and street photography compact camera video review mashup! We talk about the shutter response times, the quality of the screens and most of all the ergonomics which are so very important in compact cameras. It is interesting how a 2013 compact camera (Ricoh GR) is such an amazing piece of kit that can be easily compared with a 2016 compact (Fujifilm X70).


We spent the better part of the day shooting and recording and had a really good time! I tried to fit most of the footage in the video, but there was just so much of it, I couldn’t manage to do that, however the result is enjoyable and I think you will like it. This time the video is around 48 minutes long. So you could say it is the perfect length for enjoying your favourite beverage and snack while watching.

Time to get comfortable and sit back to view this latest street hunt video of the Fuji X70 vs Ricoh GR shootout!

The Collection Of Images

If you want to check out each photo I have uploaded every image I shot in a dedicated Dropbox Album called Street Hunt 20.

View Spyros Papaspyropoulos’ Photos Here

View Digby Fullam’s Photos Here

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

The Street Hunt video

NOTE: If the video doesn’t work in the website directly, please visit the Street Hunters YouTube channel to watch.


  1. Didn’t had an opportunity to shoot with Ricoh, but after DSLR, I find Fuji x70 very very quite! Of course, leaf shutter does it best. Flipping screen is also a very useful addition for street photography, especially in stealth conditions. I haven’t experienced any troubles with stand by mode. Maybe, because I am planning all my shots, than having them straight away.

    Have you, guys, checked out the burst mode? Sometimes I am struggling with “placing moving figures” in my frame, using the burst mode, cause it is damn fast!

    • Hi Juris, thanks for commenting!
      We only tried the burst mode as an experiment because we both use single shot mode all the time. I tried it later on with my kids, it worked just fine most of the time. But I guess I know my kids so well that I might unconsciously predict their movements, so I can’t really give you a solid answer on that.
      Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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