December Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

December Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

Dear Readers,

The twelfth Monthly Theme Contest photos have been submitted and we took a good look at them all and finally made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of selecting a photo is very difficult and challenging owing to the high standard of the photos entered!

First of all let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: Photos that didn’t meet the Theme criteria have been disqualified by the editors. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully before submitting an image

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Woman” to show you! This time we had a whopping 58 valid submissions which can all be seen here:

*All images that were not sent in at the correct size, have been resized. This might affect the quality of entries that were sent in very small sizes.

The nominees

Every month each one of us editors picks one photo as a nominee. Here are the photos we chose and the reasons why:

Digby Fullam

“It was a real challenge this month to select just one photo from a group of very strong entries – perhaps one of the strongest pools we’ve had for our monthly theme contests. But I had to choose a single street photo, and this was the one I kept coming back to. Great photos not only make me wish I had been the photographer with the foresight to take them, but moreover actually make me wish I was in that place at the time they were taken, and that’s what this shot does. It fills me with such a powerful sense of place and of the location, giving a real flavour of the country and the culture (whether the Geisha is an ‘actress’ provided for the benefit of tourists or not), and it’s also so surreal. All those people pointing their cameras at different things creates such an incredible sense of depth and layers, and in the centre is the porcelain Geisha seemly both oblivious and hyperaware at the same time. This photo could almost be a dream sequence from a movie. Brilliant!”

"Woman" submission by Rogério Dezem
“Woman” submission by Rogério Dezem

Andrew Sweigart

“This may have been the hardest decision I’ve had to make in our Monthly Theme Contest yet. To echo what Digby Fullam has said, this is definitely one of the strongest pools to date. After I narrowed my choices down to a few, I had to figure out a way to pick one. My default eliminator is going with the photograph that pulls me back the most. More often than not, it will be an image that’s clever or witty. This month is no exception. With this image, the cleverness is obvious. The woman, who is wearing a hijab, is holding a phone in front of her face. But, the phone’s case is a woman’s face covered by a niqab. The image made me research what the difference was between the two forms Muslim women’s headwear and it added to the cleverness and the intrigue of the image. The woman’s face is partially obscured by the niqab phone case, which is, in fact, the niqab’s purpose itself… to partially obscure a woman’s face. Whether it was the photographer’s intention or not, the image becomes as thought-provoking as it is witty, bringing to mind the the growing problem of islamophobia towards women who wear a niqab. Great work! “

"Woman" submission by
“Woman” submission by

Spyros Papaspyropoulos

“This was indeed a very hard choice. I agree with both Digby and Andrew. I think I must have gone through the photos for more than 2 hours before finally settling on this one. Even though there were many other photos I could have selected, I found myself enjoying this image’s composition, the placement of the subject, the “white space” on the left and the yellow leading lines that basically run into nothingness making the woman in this photo stand out even more. Placing her with her back to the blackness and seeing her walking in such a determined way towards the light, gives me the feeling that she is trying to escape the darkness behind her. Good work.”

"Woman" submission by Daniel Tschitsch
“Woman” submission by Daniel Tschitsch

Stay tuned to find out who will win the Contest and the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Black Streethunters Edition!

So there you have it Readers. We have made our choices and now we have to debate which one is the best out of the 3. Within the next couple of days we will reveal this month’s winner of the contest and the COSYSPEED CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Black Streethunters Edition, so stay tuned!

Streetomatic Streethunters limited edition



  1. What a wonderful assortment of photos you had for the December contest.
    I am astounded that a winner could be picked in hours from the outstanding submissions that you had.

    I could imagine arguing for days with two other people over what justified a decisive winner from the number of fine candidates that were available to you guys
    Anyway congratulations to the winner AND the nominees.

    Looks very challenging for the January contest coming up, I can envision a lot of days of very cold fingers on the streets of Chicago in the next couple of weeks,

    Allen Hammer

    • Allen good luck with January’s contest! I hope you get a shot before your fingers drop off from the cold 🙂
      As for the winner of the contest, we have a point system where we vote on the selections of the other 2 editors and the photo that get’s the most points wins. We have only had a tie once, which took us longer than a couple of days to decide the winner, but usually with our system, a winner is determined quite fast. The tough part is choosing a nominee!!!
      Thanks for commenting. Have a nice weekend!

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