November Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

November Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

Dear Readers,

The eleventh Monthly Theme Contest photos have been submitted and we took a good look at them all and finally made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of selecting a photo is very difficult and challenging owing to the high standard of the photos entered!

First of all let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: Photos that didn’t meet the Theme criteria have been disqualified by the editors. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully before submitting an image

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Decisive Moment” to show you! This time we had a whopping 45 valid submissions which can all be seen here:

*All images that were not sent in at the correct size, have been resized. This might affect the quality of entries that were sent in very small sizes.

The nominees

Every month each one of us editors picks one photo as a nominee. Here are the photos we chose and the reasons why:

Andrew Sweigart

“Besides the obvious tip of the hat to Henri Cartier-Bresson with the “decisive moment” leap, this is a grand shot. And by grand, I mean big and full of details. A huge, beautiful city street. Blades of light knife down into the shadow-lined cavernous thoroughfare, which is filled with pedestrians all with feet on the ground. Except for our leaping lead character. However, the shadow he casts is the coolest part… disconnected from the figure whereas all the other shadows are tethered to their makers.”

"Decisive moment" submission by Patrick Monnier
“Decisive moment” submission by Patrick Monnier

Digby Fullam

“This photo had a lot of things going for it. As soon as I saw it I laughed, which is always a nice thing to happen in a street photo. It’s clever too – the photographer clearly saw this brilliant cat mural and planned to capture something going past it, which takes great foresight. Finally, and most importantly of all, it’s a great example of the ‘decisive moment’. The timing is perfect – we see the owner moving on the right of the frame, the dog in mid-step, and best of all, the dog has a frozen expression of ‘terror’ as he looks towards the cat. Superb!!”

"Decisive moment" submission by Mark Darbin
“Decisive moment” submission by Mark Darbin

Spyros Papaspyropoulos

“At first glance one will think, what is happening here. The image isn’t composed well, it isn’t framed well either. It is not sharp. But what it does have is a story. For me, sometimes perfectly composed photos aren’t the best, especially if they are devoid of a story or emotion. In this photo I see both those elements and I see them vividly. Two young boys, at the swimming pool, possibly competitors are having a confrontation before or after the swim. The oldest boy, is clearly showing his physical superiority, could even be considered a bully. The smaller boy’s face is crashed in by the oldest boy’s chest. Muscles are tense. We can’t see the face of the younger boy, but the oldest one is clearly looking down at his weaker “opponent”. In this split second, in this moment, the psychological world of both boys takes a new turn into a different direction. This new path will change both their lives for ever. The smaller boy will definitely remember this moment for the rest of his life. This is why I think this photo is a good example of a ‘Decisive moment’ “.

"Decisive moment" submission by Norbert Oksza Strzelecki
“Decisive moment” submission by Norbert Oksza Strzelecki

Stay tuned to find out who will win the Contest and the Camslinger 105 Street Edition!

So there you have it Readers. We have made our choices and now we have to debate which one is the best out of the 3. Within the next couple of days we will reveal this month’s winner of the contest and the COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 Street Edition, so stay tuned!



  1. Wow The photographs from the November contest are stunning. Such great work represented. I did not make the cut and from the caliber of those that did , I certainly understand why. Truely inspiring images. Thanks Streethunters!

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