Announcing “Street Talk”!

Announcing “Street Talk”!


Dear Readers,

Last week I shared with my fellow editors, Andrew Sweigart and Digby Fullam a new idea that I had. This idea is something that in my opinion will make the YouTube channel a little bit more interesting and active. Both of them embraced the idea and since then I have been wanting to share it with all of you.

It is now one week later and believe it or not, I have only just found the time to properly sit down and write this announcement post for you all to read. I am currently at the Athens International Airport typing away on my laptop while waiting to board my flight back to Crete. I have been flying from location to location for work since early Tuesday morning, within Greece and further away. I have felt the bitter cold of the northern Balkans and flown in a propeller plane (something I am not used to doing), had food poisoning, met at least 20 new people and I did all these things wearing a suit 24/7. A crazy, uncomfortable 4 days!

Anyway, enough of my travels. Today is the announcement day, so let’s get on with it.

The idea

As you know we have only been producing around 1 video every couple of months for the past 2 years. Those videos are the Street Hunt videos that you all know of. The thing is that a Street Hunt video takes a long time to produce. It involves a day of shooting, a day of image processing and at least a week of video editing. Once the photos and the video have all been nicely put together and the final video is ready then there is the uploading and the writing of the accompanying blog post to do. So, producing Street Hunt videos at a faster pace is not possible, especially with the way my life is at the moment and the amount of hours I spend working. I know that most of you want more Street Photography content and because of that I have decided to do something in addition to the Street Hunt videos.

Street Talk

So I am very excited today because it is time to announce to you our new web series called “Street Talk”. “Street Talk” is going to be all about Street Photography. It is going to be a weekly / biweekly series aired on the official YouTube channel that will consist of small 5 minute video episodes. Those videos will include yours truly sharing my opinions and ideas on various Street Photography topics. I want to engage with you dear Readers and to have discussions. I will reply to all comments, as long as they are civil, and I will encourage conversations. The aim of this show is to learn from interacting with you and to share any knowledge of Street Photography that I have with you.

So, the first episode is out. It is the introductory episode. Tell me what you think below in the comments or directly in YouTube and let’s get this started!

IMPORTANT: If you like this series and you want it to be published directly as a video on our Facebook Page too, please let me know in the comments.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. Hi Spyros

    Street Talk is a great idea for all things street photography but could you possibly include tips on different ways of posting your images on social media sites e.g. Twitter, Instagram Facebook etc. Not all of us are as savvy as others so any tips or advice would be really appreciated.

    See you on the street


    • Hey there Jenny!

      Thank you very much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I like the idea you propose and I will make a note of it to discuss it in one of my future videos. Maybe one day when it is raining outside or too cold for me to shoot, I will talk about sharing on Social and share some tips that I have ceremoniously using myself for a long time with success. I mostly focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GooglePlus and Flickr. Is there another Social Network you would like me to talk about?

      Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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