September Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

September Monthly Theme Contest 2016 submissions

Tattoos photo nominees

Dear Readers,

The ninth Monthly Theme Contest photos have been submitted and we took a good look at them all and finally made our choices. Please keep in mind that the process of selecting a photo is very difficult and challenging owing to the high standard of the photos entered!

First of all let’s take a look at all the photos that were submitted and accepted in this Monthly Theme Contest.

ATTENTION: Photos that didn’t meet the Theme criteria have been disqualified by the editors. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully before submitting an image

At this moment I would like to thank each and every participant for submitting their photograph. We have a great collection of photos with “Tattoo” to show you! This time we had 27 valid submissions which can all be seen here:

*All images that were not sent in at the correct size, have been resized. This might affect the quality of entries that were sent in very small sizes.

The nominees

Every month each one of us editors picks one photo as a nominee. Here are the photos we chose and the reasons why:

Andrew Sweigart

“After repeated viewing cycles of all the submissions, this one leapt out at me every time. Obviously illuminated by flash, it’s equally bright and hilarious. There’s no doubt the tattoo is the star of the show. The ridiculous take on Leonardo da Vinci’s The Vitruvian Man features none other than a TV remote and beer-wielding Homer Simpson. And of course, he’s inscribed in a donut instead of a circle. There’s ample thigh here to make the human connection and the leading lines in from the right side of the picture are a very nice touch. Love it!”

"Tattoos" submission by Andrea Watson
“Tattoos” submission by Andrea Watson

Digby Fullam

“I like the connection we have going on here. The man is stepping into the sea, and in the process the fish tattoo on his back is being returned to the waves too. It’s a nice blend of cleverness and wit that I think should be at the heart of all good street photos. Taking things a step further, I like to imagine that maybe the man in this photo has a split personality, and is half man, half fish! As he moves towards the water, the ‘fish’ part of him awakens, rising up from his back, and his transformation begins. Excellent!”

"Tattoos" submission by Roy Rozanski
“Tattoos” submission by Roy Rozanski

Spyros Papaspyropoulos

“There are so many good photos to choose from this month that it was very difficult to decide. So I thought I would look for that photo that had a strong story to tell and be spot on with the brief. Adding the “story” restriction to myself narrowed down the selection for me until I decided this is the one. The photographer here has made a photo of a “wounded warrior” at least that is what we are led to believe from the logo on the bag next to the man’s feet. The artificial limb empowers that concept of the “wounded warrior” but at the same time offers another perspective to the title warrior because of the word GANGS… “gangster” maybe? The tattoos are those of a ship and a skull and bones. Is this a modern sea war veteran? A sailor that lost his leg in combat? A modern day pirate maybe or a member of the coast guard? My imagination runs wild. A very strong image with small details that fit nicely together and make the story behind this image more and more interesting. “

"Tattoos" submission by Michael Duke
“Tattoos” submission by Michael Duke

Stay tuned to find out who will win the Contest and the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Black Streethunters Edition!

So there you have it Readers. We have made our choices and now we have to debate which one is the best out of the 3. Within the next couple of days we will reveal this month’s winner of the contest and the COSYSPEED CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Black Streethunters Edition, so stay tuned!

Streetomatic Streethunters limited edition


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