Vineet & Rohit Vohra Workshop at the BSPF

Vineet & Rohit Vohra Workshop at the BSPF

Vineet Vohra

As mentioned previously here at Streethunters, the Brussels Street Photography Festival is fast approaching, coming to the spectacular city On October 28th. Among the events happening are workshops with internationally acclaimed photographers. Hosting one of the workshops are two great shooters from India, Vineet and Rohit Vohra!

The Vohra brothers are no strangers here at Streethunters HQ. Rohit has made the reader-sourced list, The 20 Most Influential Street Photographers in 2015 and Vineet was voted to the list in both 2015 and 2016. Together they are presenting their three-day workshop, ‘The Art Of Storytelling’ at the festival. The workshop will run from October 28th through the 30th. It is limited to 18 participants and will be presented in English.

Vineet Vohra

The workshop will be focused on creating a series of photos that share a common theme or narrative arc. Suitable for street photographers of all skill levels, this workshop will teach students not just to create great images, but to create great projects. It is for any street photographer who wants to take his or her work to the next level. It will include classroom time, shooting with Vineet & Rohit and extensive editing (selection of images) by the mentors. The tuition is 400 Euro. Participants are asked to bring a digital camera with a fixed wide angle lens (preferably a 24/28/35mm focal length lens would be best, but 18-55mm will also do), a laptop with software to edit/tone their images, a notebook to take down notes during the workshop, lots of energy and comfortable shoes!

Vineet Vohra

Vineet and Rohit Vohra bring a lot of skill to the table. In 2011, they founded the APF Magazine ( Vineet said:

“APF is born from an education imperative, it’s an evolving magazine where we recognise fresh talent. The intent is to provide a platform for emerging photographers, artists and designers to showcase their works, works that are not necessarily commercial, to create opportunities and open new doors. The subjects explored are broad, in terms of concepts, styles and techniques. We want to explore the limits and possibilities.”

Both Vineet and Rohit are Official Fujifilm X Photographers and Vineet is also a Leica photographer. Vineet is a member of The Street Collective as well. Together they hosted a workshop at Photowalk Dubai. Check out this video for a sample of the action: (

Vineet Vohra

Vineet says,

“life in general which is so unexpected I try to be as honest through my lens as I can. I try to synthesise between human elements and the environment & my main focus is how to make ordinary moments look extraordinary. I think everyone of us should get involved with photography because it gives more than one can ever imagine.”

Vineet Vohra Vineet Vohra

For Rohit, street photography is one of the purest forms of photography. He says, “It is also one of the most difficult forms of photography. It’s difficult because we usually don’t have much control over the environment, well at least as much as we might like.”

This is a workshop for street photographers of all skill levels. It’s a great opportunity to study and shoot with two great photographers in one of the most famous cities in the world!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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