Don’t forget! The 2nd Annual Street Hunters meeting is just around the...

Don’t forget! The 2nd Annual Street Hunters meeting is just around the corner!

2nd Annual SH Meeting very soon! - 2ndASHMeeting

Dear Readers!

I am so excited because the time for the 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting is nearing and in less than 18 days I will be in beautiful London once more to meet up with you guys.

This time the Annual Street Hunters Meeting is going to be sponsored by our friends at COSYSPEED and because of their generous gesture we will be spicing things up! As we mentioned in our previous post “Announcing the 2nd Annual Street Hunters meeting” besides the meeting event, we will also be conducting a FREE Street Photography workshop for beginners for 5 lucky Readers! This workshop will take place on the morning of the 19th of August. All places are reserved but if you feel like sending in a request, please do so. There is a waiting list that will be activated if anybody cancels.

During the workshop which will last 5 hours we will look at all the basics of Street Photography, including composition, lighting, techniques and attitude, and we will also discuss how to choose the photos you are to share/publish. The workshop will be hands on, meaning there will be no “indoor theory” time, just shooting in the streets and talking about what we love most. All participants and everyone on the waiting list will be receiving the workshop schedule/plan in the next few days so everyone knows exactly what we will be doing. It is going to be great fun!

A event sponsored by cosyspeed

On the 20th of August we will be having the grand event which is the 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting! For the 2nd time in 2 years we will be meeting once more in the capital of the United Kingdom. Exciting stuff! Before the event starts we will be giving away gifts provided to us by our sponsor COSYSPEED. So if you meet us on the morning of the 20th of August you might end up going home sporting an awesome Camslinger 160 or Streetomatic Camera bag!

In the next few days we will be releasing a small route that will give us all some interesting things to see and do. If any of the Londoners reading this blog post would like to share ideas about locations, please feel free to email us at with your ideas. We would love any assistance.

Last year we used a hashtag for tracking conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and GooglePlus. We will be following the same model this year too. So, for anything referring to the 2nd Annual Street Hunters Meeting please use hashtag #2ndASHMeeting.

As I mentioned in the previous post I will be staying at the Pembridge Palace Hotel which is at Prince’s Square, Westminster Borough, London, W2 4QB, United Kingdom. I am sharing this information in case anybody else visiting London for the event wants to book there. This will give us the opportunity to discuss more about Street Photography on our free time.

That’s all for now. We just wanted to remind you that the big event is taking place on the 20th and that we will be looking forward to seeing you all there!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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