Months of photography Paphos exhibition “THE WALL”

Months of photography Paphos exhibition “THE WALL”

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The Wall photo exhibition

One of the main events of the Cyprus Photographic Society’s Months of Photography program is about to unveiled… The Wall!

Opening Wednesday, May 25th at 6pm, The Wall is a permanent photographic installation in a public space. Located at Ottoman Baths near the Old Market in Pafos, The Wall will feature 30 photographs submitted from photographers in Cyprus and abroad featuring the theme urban color. The installation will stay in place until April 2017.

The 30 photographs from 19 different photographers are a result of a previous open call to shooters for submissions on the theme. A jury committee reviewed the photos and the 30 images with the highest total marks made it onto The Wall.

The Wall photo exhibition

The Society stated that the main aim of The Wall is to transform a public space in the city center into a visual art and exhibition location and to bring photography to the public.

The opening will have live music and free drinks until 9pm! The Wall is yet another great example of the outstanding work the Cyprus Photograph Society is doing at no or little cost to the public. Bravo!


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