Vote for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers of 2016

Vote for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers of 2016

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Vote for the most influential street photographers of 2016


Thank you all very much for your participation! Last week’s post “Searching for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2016” was staggering! We appreciate you taking the time to give our post a look and to share your thoughts and your suggestions!

The original list of 21 Street Photographers the Street Hunters team recommended has now grown to 115 Street Photographers thanks to all of you! Wow 115 Street Photographers!!! This is so exciting!

A Special Thanks

Before I present the list, I would like to thank the Readers that recommended me personally. However it didn’t feel right to add myself to this list since I am the one setting this whole thing up basically. I hope you understand this. I feel humbled by what you said in your comments and I will continue to try and inspire you with my work both behind the camera and the screen. I just hope I don’t ever disappoint you. Thank you so much for giving me even more motivation!

Names got filtered out

Before we share the list of names with you, we would like to tell you that we filtered out many names that didn’t meet the criteria of this project. Through this list we want to share names of Street Photographers that are doing things for the community now. Also, we got quite a few names of photographers that even though they shoot Street, they don’t really focus on that genre all that much. We are not looking for photographers that shoot street occasionally, but really influential names that literally exist for this genre mostly if not only and are highly influential.

Also, while we appreciate we can all be influenced by the great masters of street photography, the purpose of our list was to feature street photographers that are working and influencing today. For that reason we are removing Seul Leiter and Garry Winogrand from the voting list. Thanks for submitting guys, and next year we’ll make it clear we’re looking for living photographers

Meet The Recommended Street Photographers (Poll Is Further Down)

Let’s meet the Street Photographers that all of us recommended and get to know them all through their work. Here at we are all very excited with all the Street Photographers that you suggested! Thank you for introducing us to so many new names.

Here are the 115 names of Street Photographers that have been recommended in alphabetical order. Click on each Street Photographer’s name to view their website, flickr, facebook or tumblr:

  1. Aaron Berger
  2. Adriano Cascio
  3. Alessandro Cipriani
  4. Alex Webb
  5. Ami Strachan
  6. Andre Behrmann
  7. Andre D Wagner
  8. Andrea Scirè
  9. Andreas Katsakos
  10. Angelo Ferrillo
  11. Ania Klosek
  12. Apratim Saha
  13. Arindam Thokder
  14. Barry Talis
  15. Bernd Schaefers
  16. Boogie
  17. Boris the Flash
  18. Bruce Davidson
  19. Bruce Gilden
  20. Charalampos Kydonakis (Dirty Harrry)
  21. Charlene Winfred
  22. Chia Aik Beng
  23. Chris Farling
  24. Chu Việt Hà
  25. Colin O’Brien
  26. Daido Moriyama
  27. Daniel Arnold
  28. Danielle Houghton (Larking About)
  29. David Alan Harvey
  30. Des Byrne
  31. Dimitris Makrygiannakis
  32. Don Springer
  33. Dougie Wallace
  34. Ed Templeton
  35. Edas Wong
  36. Edo Zollo
  37. Elliott Erwitt
  38. Eolo Perfido
  39. Eric Kim
  40. Erik Janssen
  41. Fabio Costa
  42. Gabi Ben Avraham
  43. Giacomo Vesprini
  44. Giuseppe Pons
  45. Gmb Akash
  46. Gustavo Boemi
  47. Harry Gruyaert
  48. Ilan Ben yehuda
  49. Ilya Shtutsa
  50. Jack Simon
  51. Jens Krauer
  52. Jesse Marlow
  53. JK Urban Frames
  54. John Free
  55. Jon Luvelli
  56. Josef Koudelka
  57. Josh Rose
  58. Juergen Voelkl
  59. Junku Nishimura
  60. Katia Morichetti
  61. Ken Walton
  62. Kevin Mullins
  63. Larry Hallegua
  64. Lesley Ann Ercolano
  65. Linda Wisdom
  66. Lorenzo Fasola
  67. Louise Whiting
  68. Maciej Dakowicz
  69. Marius Vieth
  70. Mark Cohen
  71. Martin Parr
  72. Matt Stuart
  73. Matthew Hart
  74. Maurizio Targhetta
  75. Michael Ernest Sweet
  76. Muhammad Imam Hassan
  77. Narelle Autio
  78. Nick Turpin
  79. Nils Jorgensen
  80. Noppadol Maitreechit
  81. Ola Billmont
  82. Olivier Duong
  83. Patrick La Roque
  84. Pau Ll. Buscató
  85. Paul Bence
  86. Peter Kool
  87. Peter Turnley
  88. Rammy Narula
  89. Rinzi Ruiz
  90. Robert Frank
  91. Rod Clark
  92. Ron Anthony Bautista
  93. Ronya Galka
  94. Rui Palha
  95. Sam Ferris
  96. Siegfried Hansen
  97. Simone Raso
  98. Sreeranj Sreedhar
  99. Stacy Kranitz
  100. Stavros Stamatiou
  101. Steven F Faust
  102. Swapnil Jedhe
  103. Swarat Ghosh
  104. Take Kayo (BIGHEADTACO)
  105. Tatsuo Suzuki
  106. Tavepong Pratoomwong
  107. Thomas Leuthard
  108. Trent Parke
  109. Troy Holden
  110. Tyler Simpson (a common thief)
  111. Valerie Jardin
  112. Vineet Vohra
  113. Willem Jonkers
  114. Xyza Cruz Bacani
  115. Yuri Rasin

Before We All Vote

So, now the second stage of the process begins. The time where all of you get to vote the 20 most influential Street Photographers for 2016. Before you vote though, we would like to stress that this is a poll for:

The Most Influential Street Photographers for 2016

This means that we are are voting for those that have affected our own work, our own perspectives, our likes and our interests in Street Photography. Those that have motivated us to do Street Photography, those that have taught us, have shared with us and have been our inspiration in 2016.


You can vote for as many Street Photographers as you like. You can vote only once. You can vote until next week, the midnight of the 26th of May Central European Time. You can share this page on Social Networks if you feel like doing so. The more votes we get, the more objective the results:


Deadline is the midnight of the 26th of May Central European Time.


The Street Hunters team is sooo very excited with the way this post if evolving into a resource for some of the greatest names of contemporary Street Photography with your amazing help! We can’t wait to see the results! Thank you all!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. … Michael is on that list…? Since when lenscullture babes are influential? He hasn’t shot since years, and has only 10 – lensculture – snaps in his PF… No comment either on other losers ‘selections’ web fb only stars… Spyros (Streethunters), get real, or you’ll be as irrelevant as lensh*tculure corrupt machine?

    • Dear Speedy,

      This list has been made by the Readers and not by me or my fellow editors. This is something that has been made clear from the very first post Last week we asked you all to participate and to recommend names. Everyone that took the time to recommend someone has participated in the creation of this list.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to post your comment.

      Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

      • Thanks a lot for explaining and patience, was too busy being rejected by you guys :-D, to read :-D; Guess I need to spend years of quality time on fb (and maybe a good editor) to have enough friends and hit that list; Still doesn’t make this place relevant, for the ‘bad’ names listed, and missing way better shooters… sorry; Take good care 🙂

  2. Dear Spyros, It is one of the bad things ever seen in photography. This poll is all wrong! This will kill the street photography. I do not understand, a street photographer like you to allow a joke like this

    • Dear Paola,

      I am sorry you feel like this. I am inclined to believe you haven’t read the previous post where the rules are explained. If you do read it you will see this list isn’t made by me or my fellow editors, but by the Readers. Also, I think that your comment that it will “kill street photography” is too much. I am sure Street Photography will be here once this vote is over. Also, I am not someone special to “allow” things to happen or not. This is a democratic list and history has proven that democracy isn’t perfect and there is always a large amount of people that disagree with the majority. In my opinion, if you wanted this list to be more interesting for you, you should have submitted names of Street Photographers that you like when we asked for them. To express your disagreement at this point is too late and there is nothing we can do about it. Having said this however, I do understand your point of view. If the list was not democratic and it was made just by me, it would not look like what it looks like, but I respect the Readers opinion and all the people that participated in this project and I will see this vote through until the end results are final.

      I wish you a great day and Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

      • Hi Spyros, I read and I konw the list isn’t made by you, this is the problem! It is like random! Did you see there are insignificant names? Friends that vote friends. Did you see the actual ranking? All of the same team. The 20 most influential street? it’s not the truth. Your website is very influential and you can not allow a wrong way. Best regard

        • Dear Paola,

          This is something myself nor any other editor can or could know. We do not know most of the people on this list personally. If some friends have submitted their names and are voting themselves and promoting themselves gaming the results, there is nothing I can do about it because I do not know who these people are and even if I did, they are within the rules of the competition. However if the results are not to my liking or to the liking of Andrew or Digby, I will express that when the final results are out, but I will not end the votes in the middle of the process. That is all I can do on a personal level Paola.

          Thank you

        • :-)! +1! Guess years of quality time spent on fb is necessary :-P… But after all, Lensh*tculture is the same, only fb selections, after all they seem to follow a bit too much that lens connected ‘thing’ for the ’10$ friends’ here… but at least here is free 🙂

  3. It’s interesting that Daido Moriyama and Robert Frank among other great street photographers have under 100 votes each. There is something wrong with the voters in this contest or you guys need some education!

    • Proves the above right, need votes from fb online buddies; Not only, but putting those Masters down with fb dudes / lenshitculure web social climbing realities, is a mistake on behalf of who runs these hit parades – aka this web site, like mixing silk with rags :-); Joys of the ‘net!

  4. Some name as Simone Raso, Fasola, Cascio ecc in this list? With ranking like (or more) Alex Webb, Eric Kim, Elliot Erwitt, Thomas Leutard for the best 20 influential street photographers in the world?!! I think it’s a joke! something went wrong in your plan

  5. Some on the list have difficult steps to see their work, like needing to follow them on Facebook. It dampens my resolve to view each candidate and evaluate their work .

    • 🙂 Well yeah, it is a fb thing / list 🙂 = PR :-), it’s called web social climbing :-), not shooting the streets / or quality :-); Quite disappointing from those who run it, doesn’t make this place relevant / a reference, just a fb division?

  6. I do believe that considering someone(s) into the list will NOT satisfy everyone, however there are things can be done to prevent mass chaotic voter, that blindy vote their friend without considering the true and pure street photographer, maybe ip filter? apologize since I am not an IT guy, some name definitely worth the vote, but many are not

    • Hello Nis. Thank you for your comment. Yes, we have an IP restriction / filter on the poll. Only one vote per IP, but if users cheat by resetting their modem / router to get another dynamic IP, there is nothing we can do about that.

    • there is a way difference between only photography and street photography . Gmb akash may considered as a master photographer, but may not considered as a street master.

  7. I love his stories the message they carry are heavy, so inspiring . I pray Allah will uplift him more. ( gmb akash ).

  8. As someone who was on the list I found it fun..just like Street Photography…..if you take this list serious you have issues!..its a great marketing tool for Street Hunters and you’ve done well from it….Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting Cheers…

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