Searching for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2016

Searching for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2016

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Most influential Street Photographers 2016


About a year ago we asked you, our Readers, to make a list. The list we wanted you to create was that of the 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2015. In that post we asked you to nominate as many Street Photographers as you liked. The nominees that you named, then got added into a long list and we asked you to vote and from that vote we got the short list that was finally published.

The numbers from last year

The 20 Influential Street Photographers 2015

So, last year we all nominated together 75 Street Photographers. Then you voted 21,137 times and from those 21,137 votes, 20 names stood out. These names got into the first ever crowdsourced list of Street Photographers. A list that you made and that has been viewed more than 76645 times (at the time of writing this).

Let’s do this again!

So, this year we invite you all to do this again! Things have changed in the Street Photography scene. There are new names that are being mentioned all the time on the Social Networks, there are others out there that are trying hard to make a difference, influencing people around them. More and more Street Photographers are publishing books, filming short documentaries about Street Photography, being interviewed, winning awards and more. The list of names is ever changing and keeps on getting more and more interesting. So, since things are always evolving and ever changing we ask you once again to make your suggestions by sharing your favourites with us!

You make suggestions and share your favourites with us

Send in your favourite street photographers

Just like last year, we the Editorial team, have already made a list of names of 21 Street Photographers that we think are the most influential for 2016. We want you to add to this list by posting as many names of Influential Street Photographers as you like in the comments. You can post 1 name or 50 names. All names will be added to a poll and then we will all vote on them.

ATTENTION: These names will be filtered by us, we will not accept names of Street Photographers that aren’t truly influential.

So for example if you have been a Street Photographer for the last 6 months and you want exposure and you think you can add your name to this list, think again. We want you to suggest true, influential Street Photographers. We will accept suggestions for a week, until next Wednesday evening. Then, we will take those suggestions and have a poll for another week. When the votes are in, we will know who the “The 20 most Influential Street Photographers for 2016” are.

The names Street Hunters recommend

Here are the 21 names of Street Photographers that we recommend in random order. We gave ourselves a limit of 7 names each so we wouldn’t get too carried away:

  1. Elliott Erwitt
  2. Mark Cohen
  3. Ed Templeton
  4. Josef Koudelka
  5. Stacy Kranitz
  6. Tatsuo Suzuki
  7. Daido Moriyama
  8. Eric Kim
  9. Gabi Ben Avraham
  10. Boris the Flash
  11. Alex Webb
  12. David Alan Harvey
  13. Martin Parr
  14. Bruce Davidson
  15. Valerie Jardin
  16. Dirty Harry
  17. Bruce Gilden
  18. Boogie
  19. Pau Ll. Buscató
  20. Tavepong Pratoomwong
  21. Narelle Autio

Each of the above Street Photographers are influential in their own right. For one reason or another. Somehow they have shaped the wider Street Photography community and are continuing to do so. We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

So, come on! Send in the names of the Street Photographers that you think are the most influential for 2016!

ATTENTION: If you can’t comment on our website for some reason, try a Social Network login to comment. If again you can’t comment, just visit our Facebook Page and share your suggestion in the comments of the post there.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. Where is John Free on this list? He’s had more influence on me (with his youtube channel and blog mainly, and his photos are awesome) than most of the others on the list. With all due respect to the others, John Free should be on this list for sure!

  2. How about Olivier Doung and Don Springer, editors and publishers of The Inspired Eye? Great magazine with very different styles and standards of work

  3. I really like Pau Buscató. He’s not a blogger and keeps quite silent online.. but man his pictures do all the talking; and that for me is being influential. I also like Dimitris Makrygiannakis, Chris Farling and Larry Hallegua.

  4. * Italian Street Photography.

    Fabrizio Arginetti, Enrico Barocci, Gustavo Boemi, Adriano Cascio, Alessandro Cipriani,
    Ciro Cortellessa, Giuseppe D’Antonio, Lorenzo Fasola, Angelo Ferrillo, Katia Morichetti,
    Gianluca Polazzo, Giuseppe Pons, Simone Raso, Andrea Scirè, Maurizio Targhetta

    * Claudio Mainardi

    * Peter Turnley

    * APF list of street photographers to follow:
    Nick Turpin, UK
    Jesse Marlo, Australia
    Matt Stuart, UK
    Xyza Cruz Bacani, Hong Kong
    Siegfried Hansen, Germany
    Maciej Dakowicz, Poland
    Larry Hallegua, UK
    Junku Nishimura, Japan

    * KAGE – collective.
    Patrick La Roque, Canada
    Derek Clark, UK
    Robert Catto, Australia
    Flemming Bo Jensen, Denmark
    Vincent Baldensperger, France
    Bert Stephani, Belgium
    Kevin Mullins, UK
    Charlene Winfred, Singapore

  5. Matt Hart. Awesome photographer and his photowalks around the UK are hugely popular with each event having more attendees than the last.

  6. Jack Simon
    Tyler Simpson (a common thief)
    Giacomo Vesprini
    Sam Ferris
    Noppadol Maitreechit
    Barry Talis
    Rammy Narula
    Muhammad Imam Hasan
    Stavros Stamatiou
    Chu Việt Hà
    Ania Klosek
    Ilan Ben yehuda
    Edas Wong
    Kate Kirkwood
    Andreas Katsakos
    Danielle Houghton (Larking About)
    Ken Walton

  7. Man, really.. are we serious about Photography or what? Thomas Leuthard is an expert in self promotion, marketing, cameras, straps, bags, and followers.. specially on followers. Haven’t you seen his “Flickr Secrets – How I got 10,000 real followers in 10 days”? well, that’s a total lack of respect for other photographers in that platform, and shows how much he cares for them. Why? his words: “I managed to get 19’000’ new followers in just 10 days. Most of the tasks are automated and a running computer does this for you.” well.. this secret he’s so fond of consists on following a photographer and after a while, unfollowing him/her.. and this, repeated thousands and thousands of times, randomly.. by a computer! He’s not following you because he’s interested in your work, he’s just interested in his number of followers, and he’s actually never visited your photostream and will unfollow you after some hours. What this does is that some of that people that the computer follows-unfollows will start following back. Maybe a 5 or 10% will follow back, not knowing what this is all about. So this is how he gains those numbers. Looks at his Flickr: 93’000 followers / 0 following. Great job, computer! If this lack of respect and ethics is not enough, his photos are pure mediocrity. Boring, with no creativity or any aesthetic sense, punch or intention. Empty. Sad thing is that many people think that’s good photography, because of his tremendous social media skills.

    Do you want to be positively influenced by REAL and great current street photographers? Check out the works of hard working chaps like Dimitris Makrygiannakis, Swapnil Jedhe, Ola Billmont, Charalampos Kydonakis, Troy Holden, Aaron Berger, Pau Buscató, Fabio Costa, Maciej Dakowicz, Tavepong Pratoomwong, Stavros Stamatiou, Arindam Thokder, Ilya Shtutsa, Lesley Ann Ercolano, Swarat Ghosh.. I bet you’ll get 19’000 times more inspired by their work, with no need to follow or unfollow anyone. That’s what real Photography does.


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