Keep It Simple – A Free Street Photography e-Book!

Keep It Simple – A Free Street Photography e-Book!

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The best thing about Street Hunters is that it allows us as a group of photographers to get in touch and interact with like minded street photographers around the world. The friendships and communities we form through Street Hunters on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allow us to exchange ideas and gain new points of view. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to meet readers in person during streethunts and at the Annual Street Hunters Meeting. Meeting one another in person is an opportunity to cement our friendships – and there’s no awkward getting to know you phase either because we’ve already been talking in the streethunters social media communities!

One of our good friends at Street Hunters is Dan Berntsson from Sweden. Dan is a wonderful friend, and an active member in the street hunters groups and communities. Spyros Papaspyropoulos and I have been lucky to meet Dan when he visited Rethymno, and Dan also attended the First Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London in 2015 too. Dan’s a really laid back guy with a real passion for street photography, and he loves to relax and unwind with a beer too. We get along famously. Dan is a street photographer who likes to work on projects and produce books and e-Books, and for his latest e-Book he wanted to give something back to everyone in the Street Hunters community, so he’s offering his new e-Book to all our readers for free!

Keep It Simple – A Free Street Photography e-Book

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Inspired by his conversations with fellow street hunters readers, Dan decided that his focus for this book would be to Keep It Simple. Eschewing digital photography and a proliferation of lenses, Dan pared things right back to basics. Rocking just a simple analogue rangefinder camera, black and white film, and small off-camera flash Dan hit the streets and let the magic happen!

Analogue Street Photography Gear

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Dan wanted to force himself to “think better” and “concentrate more on the scene” so he kept his gear as simple as possible. All the photos by Dan in his e-Book are shot with an Olympus 35 SP rangefinder from circa 1969, with a 42mm f/1.7 lens. Dan used the fantastic Kodak Tri-X 400 film (that’s 400 ASA for the uninitiated), and an Olympus PS200 flash with a PC sync cord for when he needed to bring in some extra light.

“the more I use this camera, the more I understand what makes analogue photography so special, it is a much slower pace and you shoot more relaxed”

Guide to Analogue Street Photography


As well as Dan’s monochrome street photos, his e-Book continues several helpful tips and tricks to analogue street photography, including a guide to depth of field estimation with zone focusing and hyperfocal distance with an analogue camera and an explanation of how to use off-camera flash with a fully manual camera, using the flash guide number, aperture and flash distance.

Download the Black & White Analogue Street Photography e-Book – Keep it Simple

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By following our link, you can download Dan’s analogue monochrome street photography e-Book and explore Dan’s photography for yourself. As well as being an avid street photographer, Dan is something of a handyman, and he’s also produced a guide to how to make your own DIY camera strap that you can check out if you fancy making your own personalised camera strap too!

Download the e-book here

Thanks for sharing your e-Book with Street Hunters Dan!

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