The Street Hunters 2016 calendar is out! Buy it now online!

The Street Hunters 2016 calendar is out! Buy it now online!

Street Hunters calendar 2016


Dear Readers,

As you all know we promised a calendar for 2016 filled with the winning photos of the 2015 Monthly Theme Contests.

Not all photographers sent in high quality images, but we proceeded with the calendar anyway.

Just like last year we used to make our Print on Demand calendars. It is the ideal platform for to sell the calendars for 2016 and here are the reasons why:

Why we chose

  • It has good quality products
  • It has good quality service
  • It offers Calendars
  • The “Print on Demand” service of is trustworthy
  • The “Print on Demand” service of sells internationally
  • The “Print on Demand” serviceof offers localised e-stores for easier access by international users.
  • Th Calendar accepts captions for the photographers names.
  • is a “Print on Demand” service that does not charge a ridiculous amount of money for the final product.

Buy our Calendar and support!

So, now you can visit our Calendar page on Lulu and buy yourself a copy of our calendar!

Buy Calendar

Please note that you will possibly be automatically redirected to the USA lulu store. If you wish to buy from another location, e.g. UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc, then please change the store localisation from the little flag on the top of the website and search for Street Hunters. Our calendar is the first result that comes up. You should recognise the winning photo by Paul McCarthy on the cover.

Thank you to all that participated!

Congratulations to all the winners and super congrats to Paul McCarthy for having his photo being voted as the most favourite 2015 Monthly Theme Contest photograph. Paul, we are sending your copy of the calendar over to you free of charge!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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