A Street Photographer’s Dream Christmas Wishlish to Santa

A Street Photographer’s Dream Christmas Wishlish to Santa

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It’s that time of the year again, when lists get made, and street photographers everywhere start hoping for new photobooks, camera bags, and if they’ve been especially good, even new cameras. Here at street hunters, we’ve already put together a list of the best goodies for street photographers to ask for from Santa for Christmas. But poring over that article and Spyros’ attendant video got me thinking – what would my street photography wish list be? What would be the dream selection for street photographers if money (and reality) were no object? Read on for the street photographer’s dream Christmas wishlist to Santa!

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I wanted to let my imagination run crazy and create a list of perfect dream items for a street photographer. Some of the things on my list delve into the impossible, but that’s part of the fun! So, without further ado:

Dream Street Photography Christmas Wishlist 01

1. The Perfect Street Photography Camera

I absolutely adore my current street photography set up of a mirrorless Fuji X-Pro and a Canon 6D DSLR. However, if I’m being greedy, I’d like the perfect camera for street photography, which for me would be a hybrid combination of both my current cameras, with complete weather sealing, and full frame sensor. And maybe another tiny pocket powerhouse too for good measure like a Ricoh GR but with a viewfinder. An ultra portable tiny camera to carry with me at all times should ensure I’d never miss a shot again!

2. A Tiny Powerful Flash

I’d like a super small, powerful flash with full manual controls, an optical slave mode, full weather sealing, and great battery life. A set of built in fancy coloured gels would be fun as well. The flash would need to be ultra tough and rugged too, in order to survive the inevitable thrills and spills that occur when you start rocking off-camera flash street photography out on the streets.

3. A Tardis-Like Camera Bag

Limiting yourself with gear is a great way to really hone your street photography skills but there are some times when you really need to lug some stuff around. In these cases it would be awesome to have a fantastic camera bag that could fit a fair amount of stuff without getting uncomfortable and heavy as the day wore on. How about something super light, low profile and comfy like a COSYSPEED Camslinger but with the capacity to hold a laptop as well somehow?

4. An Accurate Weather Forecasting App

I’d love an app that could precisely forecast the weather several days in advance so I could plan the times with the best light to head out for street photography. Awesome light makes all difference in the world to the success of a street hunt! If I’m being really greedy, I’ll ask for some kind of magic weather station that grants me perfect weather each time I step out of the door for photography!

Dream Street Photography Christmas Wishlist 02

5. Amazing Battery Life & Memory Cards

When you’re in the zone it’s really annoying to have to suddenly worry about batteries running down and filling up memory cards. Swapping either out can be a real pain, and can sometimes result in a missed shot. Plus extra batteries are a bit annoying to carry around and charge up each night. So we might as well ask for awesome battery life and some super high capacity memory cards for good measure.

6. Fantastic Shoes

I’d like a pair of amazing shoes that stop my feet from getting tired no matter how much I walk. The shoes would need to be super light and flexible, but also incredibly tough, and most importantly, totally waterproof so that never let in any water even when it’s raining cats and dogs. Super grippy soles would be useful too, for the icy Northern European streets!

7. A Plane Ticket (or several)

On the wishlist of any street photographer would be several sets of plane tickets to some amazing cities and the time to enjoy them. I myself have a huge bucket list of cities and countries I’d love to shoot street photos in, so from the street photography Santa I’d like loads and loads of plane tickets to these places please!

8. A Local Guide

If I’m going to all these exotic far-flung cities I’d like a local guide by my side to show me all the best places and street photography locations. It also might be useful to have someone who spoke the native language to smooth over any potential issues with people who might react badly to having their photo taken.

Dream Street Photography Christmas Wishlist 03

9. For People to Understand that Street Photography isn’t ‘creepy’

Imagine a world where people didn’t get aggressive or defensive about having their photo taken! You’d be free to take photos without people accusing you of being a ‘creep’ or demanding to know why you took their photo. Obviously this would have to come with some limits – you couldn’t have carte blanche to take photos of people no matter what, and you’d still need to apply some common sense and sensitivity to how and when you took photos in order to give a little bit of respect. But extra freedom to express yourself creatively would be amazing!

10. A Street Hunt with a Street Photography Master (Past or Present)

Delving into the realm of the more fantastical now, I’d love to be able to go on a street hunt with a real street photography master. Imagine rocking off-camera flash with Bruce Gilden, searching for the perfect combination of colours with Alex Webb, or uncovering the brash and kitsch in a British seaside town with Martin Parr. To really push things to the extreme, and with a truly magical Santa of street photography, we could go the whole way and ask for a street photography session with Henri Cartier-Bresson – imagine showing him the ropes of digital!

11. A Time Machine

I’m really going out on a limb here. Imagine not only being able to go anywhere in the world, but also being able to go to any time period too. Street photography on the streets of Ancient Rome? Or bustling Victorian London? Or the French Revolution! How about Ancient Egypt, or the Aztecs? The opportunities are simply endless!!


What’s on Your Dream Street Photography Christmas Wishlist?

Dream Street Photography Christmas Wishlist 04

I’ve told you my rather weird and wonderful list of things that I’d like from the magical street photography Santa, so what would you ask for? We’d love to hear what you’d ask for if you could request anything at all (provided you’ve been good of course), so let us know in the comments below!


  1. what a wonderful list and some beautiful photos. I’d wish for some self confidence to be able to nail that shot without feeling intrusive or that I owe the world/ or that person something. Then I’d wish for some light perfect days, and a new set of eyes that help me see the world in a different way (like 3D glasses).

    • Thank you for your kind comments Jen! Yes I wondered about putting in something about self confidence but I decided that is something I must conquer for myself without some extra help! Nice idea with the new set of eyes, how amazing would that be?

  2. My wish list for my street photography.
    1.] An additional mirrorless camera.
    2.] A backpack from Travelon to carry my other stuff. (especially when travelling)
    3.] Plane tickets (hope discounted or promo fares. :D) to have more travels especially if promo fares.
    4.] A foldable and light jacket that is for all season. (rainy,sunny cold and windy days) that I can carry with me everyday even without umbrella(coz I don’t like to carry umbrella unless it is 3 folds and there is a typhoon..hahahaha)
    5.] A foldable water jag/bottle that I can carry with me so it will not be bulky once it is empty.
    6.] A life straw so I can drink clean water anywhere I go and it will be filtered. Just put it in your foldable water bottle and get water anywhere and it will be filtered. 😀

    Merry Christmas street hunters!

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