Slices. A free ebook by Dusan Zidar

Slices. A free ebook by Dusan Zidar

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In the past we have featured e-books by various Readers that wish to share their work with the rest of the Street Photography community. We have always been proud and happy to share these works because they are not just a valuable source of inspiration for everyone, but a testament that you, our Readers take the art of Street Photography very seriously. Taking photographs and posting them on Social Networks is one thing, but to concentrate on one project and to go through with it all the way until the end is something totally different.

Free Street Photography eBooks

Just in case you have missed previously featured e-books we are providing you with a list of links to all older eBook posts. We highly recommend you take a look at them and let us and the Street Photographers that made them know what you think. They are all the result of hard work, patience and a passionate love for Street Photography.

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Slices. A free Street Photography eBook by Dusan Zidar

Today we are featuring an ebook by our Reader Dusan Zidar. Dusan and his partner Tanja embarked on a journey through Greece during the late summer of 2015 so they could photograph Greek people and the Greek way of life. Their work has been gathered and presented in a printed photo book. That printed book, called “Slices” is also available as an eBook and that is what we are featuring here today.

Who is Dusan Zidar?

Photo from "Slices" a photo book by Dusan Zidar

Dusan Zidar was born in 1971 in Ljubljana and he now lives in Logatec, Slovenia. Dusan is a seasoned photographer. He has more than 23 years of extensive experience in food, portrait, product, nature & travel photography. For the past 3 years – when he fell in love with Street Photography – Dusan has walked around the streets with his camera in hand, documenting the life of the people around him and traveling longer distances in search of the perfect photograph. During his travels, he is inspired a lot by new faces, people old and young, and the everyday heroes that we all meet in the streets on a daily basis.


Photo from "Slices" a photo book by Dusan Zidar

“Slices” is a Street Photography book that includes a series of monochrome photographs that have been shot by Dusan Zidar during a trip he made through the Greek mainland and coastline, as part of his “GREECE Monochrome” project. It includes a wonderful collection of moments, faces, expressions and emotions of Greek people. All photographs are candid, some are shot with film and others are digital. All of them though are processed and presented in a way that gives the viewer the sense of consistency. With a good taste of surrealism Duscan has managed to capture the Greek way of life in a way that is entertaining, fresh and mysterious. His work includes close ups, wide shots, distant shots, flash work and more. This is a lovely collection that should be downloaded by everyone.

Download the ebook here



Dusan Zidar has put a lot of hard work into the making of his book. He traveled through Greece, a country that by normal standards isn’t that easy to travel through. He made the effort to  really get to know Greece and the Greek people  and has presented us with this lovely result. His eBook “Slices” is also available as a print book which you can purchase from Dusan directly by contacting him through his website at or by visiting this page


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