Street Photo of the week by Jonathan Higbee

Street Photo of the week by Jonathan Higbee

Jonathan Higbee photo of the week

Street Photo of the week by Jonathan Higbee

Jonathan Higbee is a Street Photographer who emphasises storytelling. As a photographer he aims to capture moments that can be explained in many different ways. The most important part of a photo for Jonathan is the message hidden behind it. Jonathan’s work has appeared on leading blogs online and in national magazines.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more information about Jonathan. We managed to find out that he is currently in New York, but we don’t know where he is originally from. We also saw on his Flickr profile that he is a Journalist. He has been mentioned on the Huffington Post, on the website of our Reader and Street Photographer Alex Coghe, on the World Street Photography Awards and on the 7th issue of the Street Photographer Notebook.

You can see more of Jonathan Higbee’s work on his website at, and on his flickr portfolio at

Times Square

"Times Square" by Jonathan Higbee

It is obvious why this photo is killer. Jonathan has managed to combine random moments into a masterfully composed capture. The man on the left is photographing someone that is not in the frame, while standing in front of a wall with black and blue colours. The camera the man is using is blue also, which is a most pleasant coincidence that adds to the story of the photo. The girl on the far right is someone who has nothing to do with the photo the man is shooting, but she is there, in the perfect position, right in front of the blue part of the wall that is in the background. She is essential in the composition, helping the illusion of the “blue light” projecting from the man’s camera to seem more real. Jonathan Higbee saw the connection between these two strangers. He saw the illusion present itself to him and he grasped the moment – he took the shot. The colours of the wall in the background connect the man and the woman, making a story that is totally surreal. A story that can make even the most stuck-up photo critic shut up and drink the Kool-Aid. This is an awesome image and I say hats off to Hibgee!

Thanks Jonathan Higbee!

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  1. Great picture! But it must be staged! Impossible in all your life to get the very exact spot for this great picture. (My two cents)

  2. I kind of agree with clbea. Nice shot, but it does look a little staged. But then again, maybe the photographer was just lucky that day, or maybe he stood there for hours waiting for a moment like this. (My three cents)

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