Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop by Spyros Papaspyropoulos & Digby Fullam

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Dear Readers,

As you might know, every year I visit the Rethymno Carnival here in Crete because it is a rich source of photographic opportunities, surreal moments and amazing characters. During the Carnival season, people are very relaxed, very happy and extremely open to almost anything! So, as you can very well understand, my little town of Rethymno is transformed into a hive of ecstatic, drunk (and dare I say drugged) party animals from all over the world. Not shooting on that day would be a Street Photography sin! If you want to get a general idea of what goes on during these days, you can take a look at the following videos from 2014 and 2015. They will get you into the mood in no time:

Every Carnival Season is like Christmas time for me. I get to roam the streets with my camera in one hand and my off camera flash in the other, absorbing my surroundings and taking advantage of every situation I can. During that period I tend to shoot loads more photos than I usually do and for good reason.

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Intermediate Flash Street Photography workshop!

Carnival season is an opportunity for every Street Photographer or aspiring Street Photographer to learn the art of Off Camera Flash Street Photography and Flash Street Photography. Even though they sound kind of like the same thing, they can give you different results. It is all about the intensity and the direction of the light that gives a photograph that amazing “underground” or “hard core” look as I like to call it. This Carnival Digby and myself will be shooting a couple more Street Hunts as is the usual, but we would also like to invite you to join us in our first Intermediate Flash Street Photography workshop!

When is it and how long will it last?

On March 11th-13th 2016 we plan to rock the streets of Rethymno hard during the carnival, and anybody that would like to learn how to shoot with a flash, on-camera and off-camera can join us for 3 (three) days of insane shooting experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life!

What does this 3 day workshop include?

Day1 (11th of March 2016)

We will meet in the late afternoon/early evening on Friday the 11th of March 2016 in a bar somewhere in the centre of town to get to know one another, discuss Street Photography and get into the mood. About an hour or two later, we will hit the streets of Rethymno. It should already be dark so we should all have our flashes with us. This is a Flash Street Photography course after all! For the first evening we will be shooting until 02:00 am. There is a possibility that if the mood dictates otherwise we will continue photographing all the way into the night, but this isn’t set in stone. This first night out will serve as an icebreaker, like a jump start to your Flash Street Photography course. The goal of this first night is to feel comfortable with flash in hand and with flashing people in the streets.

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Day2 (12th of March 2016)

There is no use meeting in the morning during this workshop because most people (or at least most interesting people) will not be walking in the streets in the morning. They will be regenerating and gaining their strength for the Night Parade that takes place every Saturday night before Carnival Day, which is always on a Sunday. So, we will meet at lunch time, grab a bite in a local restaurant, enjoy some lovely Greek Dishes and local wine and Raki and get ready to walk off that food. Once in the streets we will discuss about the following topics and experiment on the spot:

  • The Pros and Cons of Shooting Street with a Flash
  • A little chat on bravery and things that help
  • On Camera Flash Street Photography
  • Shooting with a Flash during daylight
  • Shooting with a Flash in Flash Auto mode
  • Shooting with a Flash in Flash Manual mode
  • Light Source (One direction)
  • Light Intensity and How to add more background in your photos besides just getting black backgrounds
  • Rear Curtain Flash and Slow Shutter Speed Flash effects
  • Off Camera Flash Street Photography
  • Dramatic effects with Off Camera Flash positioning and intensity
  • What happens when shooting with slightly faster than Flash Sync shutter speed
  • Experimenting with flash gels

All the above will probably take us all the way into the night. We will go and shoot the Night Parade and then follow the people to parties all over town and keep on shooting. Be prepared to get pretty tired and worn out, so take advantage of that free morning and catch some Zzzzzs. The night is going to be wild!

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Day3 (13th of March 2016)

This is Carnival Day and the town is freaking out because this is what everything has been building up to! The most courageous carnival goers start getting ready from around 10:00 am! People in costumes head out into the streets to meet up with their carnival parade teammates so they can all jump into the Carnival Parade of insanity! The Carnival Parade usually starts at noon (12:00 pm) and it then goes on until just before sundown. We will all meet at 12:00 to make our plans and split into pairs. We are to stick with these pairs until 4:00 pm. At that time we will meet at a designated spot to grab a quick beer, maybe even a quick bite, nothing too much or we will waste precious time and then we will split up into pairs again, this time different pairs. Our next meeting will be at Sundown on the Rethymno beach where the organisers of the Carnival burn a huge bonfire signalling the end of the Carnival for 2016! Once that ends, we will have another quick snack and some refreshments and keep on going, capturing more surreal moments, adding amazing photos to our portfolios and having the times of our lives! During these long hours of shooting, Digby and myself will be hooking up with all pairs, sharing tips and reminders from the previous day’s lessons. It will be amazing! We will do Flash Street Photography until we can’t walk any longer! When we’re dead on our feet we will know that the workshop has come to an end! The next morning after the carnival people will all be with their families, most visitors will have left and the town will again be peaceful, until the next Carnival arrives a year later.

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Cost of workshop and Dates

The cost of the workshop is €400 and it doesn’t include accommodation, travel or dining expenses.

Important: If you book early, before the 31st of December 2015, you are entitled to an early booking discount of 25%! Early Booking cost of workshop €300.

The workshop introduction will start on Friday night from 6pm 11th of March 2016 in the form of an informal get together as mentioned before. The workshop ends officially on the 13th of March 2016 in the late hours of the night!


The workshop will take place in the Streets and Bars of Rethymno in Crete. Because this is an intermediate course, there will be no presentations and theory. Everything is going to be hands on.

Max number of students

In order for us to be able to focus on each and every one of you without making anyone feel left out, the course will not be accepting any more than 12 students. So, the maximum amount of students in the workshop is 12. Please keep in mind that we are two (2) tutors for a total of 12 students.

About travel expenses, accommodation and dining

As mentioned before, the Travel, Accommodation and Dining expenses are not included in the cost of the “Intermediate Flash Street Photography workshop”. You must provide for your own Travel, Accommodation and Dining plans. It is advisable to book a flight with cancellation / refund options, in case of a cancellation of the the workshop. For more about cancellations, please read the next section. If you wish for advise or help we will be more than happy to provide guidance. Here are some useful links for booking a room in Rethymno:

  1. Book a Room in Rethymnon
  2. Trip Advice for Rethymnon

Accommodation can be found at very reasonable prices and a day in Rethymnon isn’t expensive at all. Without including accommodation you can easily get by with €30/day.

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop

Cancellations (PLEASE READ)

If you need to cancel

You are free to cancel and get a full refund, as long as you give at least 2 week’s notice before you cancel. If you fail to cancel at least 2 weeks before the official start date of the workshop, we are not in any way obligated to refund you. If you wish to cancel at the last minute, this will affect all the members of the workshop, so we hope you understand.

When and why would Street Hunters cancel

Street Hunters has the right to cancel a workshop that hasn’t met the minimum requirements of at least 6 students one month before the official date of commencement which is the 11th of February 2016.

As mentioned before, if a workshop is cancelled, Street Hunters will not be responsible for any travel or accommodation plans you have made. We strongly recommend making flexible plans with refundable options. If a large number of students back out at the last minute, the workshop will have to be cancelled.

By submitting your deposit you agree to these terms and conditions.

Intermediate Flash Street Photography Workshop


What will I learn at the “Intermediate Flash Street Photography workshop”?

You will learn everything mentioned in the section “What does this 3 day workshop include” that is located above.

What do I have to know, before I attend the workshop?

The only thing you have to know is how to turn your camera on and off and how to transfer your images from your camera to your laptop.

What are the minimum requirements for taking the workshop?

All you need is a camera, either digital or film, a Flash, a Flash Cable or Wireless Triggers, batteries, a laptop or tablet for editing and organising your photos and a notepad for taking notes. Please check the following list of times for your convenience:

  1. One camera digital or film
  2. A Flash,
  3. A Flash Cable or Wireless Triggers,
  4. Loads and loads of batteries for your flash
  5. One laptop or tablet for editing and planning photos
  6. Notepad for note taking

I have another question. How can I contact you?

You can contact Street Hunters at (copy and paste email address in your email software) with any questions in regards to the workshop. Either myself or Digby will get back to you with a reply within 24 hours.

About the tutors

Spyros Papaspyropoulos (Tutor)

Portrait of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Street Photographer and Street Hunter

Spyros Papaspyropoulos is a passionate Street Photographer that loves to experiment with all sorts of gear and formats. He is equally passionate about digital and film photography and has a vast knowledge of both mediums. He has been photographing since a boy as a hobby. He has had a camera around his neck all of his life, documenting it on a daily basis most of the time. During that last 4 years, he has only been shooting Street. He has been pushing his boundaries trying to reach new levels of expertise in Street Photography by experimentation and constant trial and error. This hands on experience has given him the ability to easily work through issues that most new Street Photographers face. Most of his body of work is from Crete, where he lives and from Athens, the capital of Greece which he visits on occasion to Photograph. He has had his work published in local newspapers of Crete, in the Camerapixo magazine and numerous blogs. Spyros’s interviews:

In mid 2013, Spyros and Andrew Sweigart co-founded A website that is now a definitive resource for Street Photographers all over the world. Spyros has contributed with more than 200 blog posts about Street Photography related subjects. You can read all of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Blog posts if you visit his Author page or you can see him sharing his knowledge through a series of videos he produces for called Street Hunts. If you wish to see his work, feel free to visit his Flickr Albums.

Digby Fullam

Digby Fullam

Having initially begun training as a car designer, Digby then moved towards something more people focused in an International Relations degree, which is where he developed his passion for journalistic photography as a means of visual storytelling. He believes street photography to be one of the most powerful forms of photojournalism, as it serves as a visual record of the photographer’s contemporary world. Most of all, he feels it makes the best use the camera’s greatest asset – its ability to easily and instantaneously record and document a moment of life, warts and all. Digby works mainly in digital colour photography at the moment owing to his background in graphic design, but would one day like to graduate to working in monochrome. Heavily influenced by movie cinematographers, he favours the 24-50mm focal lengths and currently uses a DSLR for its versatility and flexibility. If you wish to contact Digby, you can send an email to and specify that you would like Digby to receive it in the Subject. You can read all of Digby Fullam’s Blog posts if you visit his Author page.


Please click on the Paypal payment button below to make your deposit for the workshop or contact us to arrange a direct deposit. Tuition fee is €400. If you register before the 31 of December you can get a 25% discount!

Early Register Tuition fee is €400.

See you all there!


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