Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll. Buscató

Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll. Buscató

Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll Buscato

Street Photo of the week by Pau Ll. Buscató

This week we are featuring a photograph by the amazingly talented Pau Ll. Buscató. Pau Ll. Buscató is a Street Photographer living in Oslo, Norway. He is originally from Barcelona.

Before I continue, I would like to avoid any confusion in my writing by mentioning that the photographer’s name is “Pau Ll. Buscató”. The “.” is included in the name. Just keep that in mind when reading the post!

Pau Ll. Buscató is a Street Photographer that looks for sub-realities or alternate realities, or as he likes to put it:

“I photograph to show -myself- that if one scratches beneath the surface of our daily life’s ordinary events, it is possible to unveil a “transreality”, a “world behind the world” in which extraordinary things do happen. My purpose as a photographer is to open some windows into that other world, so that we can take a look into it. The best way for me to achieve this is by looking at the familiar with fresh eyes and an open mind.”

Pau Ll. Buscató likes to add humor to his photos and he achieves this by creating unreal compositions that only a Master Street Photographer could realize. Just visit his Flickr page to understand what I mean. I bet you that your jaw will drop! From today Pau Ll. Buscató is on my personal TOP 10 Street Photographers of all time list. He is simply brilliant. Enough said.

He is a member of The Street Collective that is an international group of photographers with main focus on Street Photography. You can learn more about The Street Collective on their website at

You can see more of Pau Ll. Buscató’s work on his website at, his flickr portfolio at and on his dedicated page on The Street Collective at

Barcelona 2015

"Barcelona 2015" by Pau Ll Buscato

Looking at this photo makes your mind go boom! The masterful composition is so inspirational, so uniquely amazing that the only reaction anyone could have would be… WOAH! Let me explain why I got this reaction.

What strikes be at first is the yellow arrow. My eye then goes to the right and I notice that the yellow arrow is exploding out of the old fellow’s ear on the right of the photo, pointing to the other guy on the left. But WAIT! What am I looking at? This isn’t really an arrow, it is a yellow corner touching a yellow walking stick at the tip, forming an arrow. Oh, my God! Just to make things even more insane both men look as if they are similarly dressed. Their colours match, giving the photograph a clear colour palette of yellow, dark blue and grey. Thumbs up!

Thanks Pau Ll. Buscató!

About this weekly feature

As you know, every Friday we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

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  1. Such incredibly amazing timing and skill to capture this photo. What started off being an odd composition with two figures both partially cropped out and a piece of tarmac / roadway in the centre then turned out to be amazing. As you indicated, the “arrow” that is just an illusion created with the walking stick / cane has a second illusion of coming out of the ear of the other character. I had fun imagining what this meant – e.g., that the character of the right is directing his aural senses to the other character as shown by the arrow, and that the person on the left is facilitating this by completing the arrow.

    Great photos tell a story. This one certainly does. Thanks for highlighting it for us to enjoy.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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