Street Photo of the week by Riccardo Cattaneo

Street Photo of the week by Riccardo Cattaneo

Street Photo by Riccardo Cattaneo

Street Photo of the week by Riccardo Cattaneo

Riccardo Cattaneo is an Italian Street Photographer that is based in Milan, Italy. He is a member of the Readers Flickr Group where he regularly gets his photos published. Besides being a talented Street Hunter, Riccardo is also a graphic designer so he has a natural appreciation of composition and understanding of colour. These inherent skills have surely helped him with his Street Photography, because the work he produces is highly interesting. Some of you might know him by the name of Gerbi which is what he usually calls himself on Social Media. Gerbi’s work is colourful and exceptional. His images have a surreal quality to them and just by looking at them one understands that the person behind the lens knows his stuff.

You can see more of Riccardo Cattaneo’s photographic work on his Flickr page at or his instagram page at We have no other resource of Gerbi’s work.


"o" by Riccardo Cattaneo

When I saw this image I was like “WHOA!” The impression I got was HUGE. I looked at it and could not believe my eyes. I thought (sorry about this Gerbi) that it was manipulated with Photoshop or something and it took me a while to realise that this photo is candid and indeed one of the best Street Photos I have seen in a long time! I will analyse it as best I can, but I am sure that anything I say doesn’t matter, because this photograph is just so awesome it just makes me want to scream!

The main elements in this shot are the woman, the broken glass and the reflection. The way Gerbi has managed to capture all these 3 elements and bind them together in one photo is simply masterful. As I said at first I thought this was a photoshopped image, but it isn’t. It is a broken piece of glass, possibly a bus stop somewhere in Italy, as suggested by the background which is also full of trees. The point the glass has broken is exactly where the woman’s nose is, making it seem as if she is somehow breaking through the glass with her face. The centre of the glass crack is so perfectly aligned with her nose and it blends perfectly with the reflection of the trees that make her orange top seem alive with forest-like patterns. Because of the direction she is facing and the way the crack is extending, the whole image has a dynamism and a ferocity that is very surreal. I look at this image and I can feel that I can hear the cracking of the glass. What an image! I will remember this one for a very long time.

Thanks Riccardo Cattaneo!

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