80’s Flashback

80’s Flashback

Pic of the week by Andrew Sweigart

The Ricoh GR is a beast of a camera in a small and almost anonymous package. I could rave on about the greatness of this little powerhouse, but my partner in crime, Spyros has pretty much covered it here. I’m still unlocking the joys of using this camera, and I’ve not been disappointed in it at all. In fact, it continues to impress. But, I’ve never taken it out alone on Street Hunts. What I mean is that I’ve always had my beloved Sony NEX6 with me. Ridiculous as it may sound, the NEX was my safety net. I had grown so familiar and comfortable with it, that I felt it necessary to have the Sony tag along. Absurd. In retrospect, I think I had some sort of strange separation anxiety! And it was like I didn’t trust myself with the Ricoh. Also, the GR is so small, that it fitted into the bag with my NEX. So, everybody came along for the ride. And I had options. With the few different lenses I have for the NEX, and the wider focal length of the GR, I could take on any shooting situation on the street.

But this went against the reasons I bought the GR. And that was portability paired with a wide focal length. To have a camera that went with me everywhere. The NEX isn’t a large camera by any stretch, but it surely isn’t pocketable. I wanted a camera that went with me everywhere, every time. My street hunting opportunities are becoming more limited, so I felt it was necessary to have a solid pocket shooter always with me. I still love the NEX, but it wasn’t always convenient to carry around all the time.

This image I shot on my first true solo flight with the GR. The one thing I miss when shooting the GR compared to the NEX is the tilting LCD. I use the LCD tilted at a 90 degree angle, like an old twin reflex, often and really enjoy it. On the GR, the LCD doesn’t tilt, so I have to hunker down and get right behind the camera to compose a shot. Just that physical act, in a small way, makes me feel closer to the image. A little more connected.

I spotted this group of rockers this past weekend along the street in the Hampden neighbourhood of Baltimore. They oozed coolness with their looks. Two t-shirts of bands from the eighties, Ratt and Lords Of The New Church, were in my sight and I felt like I went back in time. I crouched down in the street and aimed up towards the sidewalk as the woman in the foreground looked towards me. I fired, smiled and went on my way. Rock and roll.

"80s flashback" by Andrew Sweigart


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