Upcoming Street Hunt in Rome!

Upcoming Street Hunt in Rome!

Rome Street Hunt


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

As you all know about a couple of weeks ago we visited Istanbul in Turkey to film the second Cosyspeed sponsored Street Hunt. We had an amazing time and managed to capture some cool shots of the life in that busy and versatile city.

In June we visited London, UK for the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting and wow we really enjoyed shooting there! We have made a nice big Street Hunt video you can watch if you haven’t already.

Street Hunt in Rome

Before winter hits this part of the world, we thought it would be cool to take one more trip, somewhere close to HQ but at the same time somewhere impressive, magnificent and with a strong legacy. So we decided to visit bella Roma!

Τhe Eternal City shouldn’t be cold in October and the light should be good, judging by Greek cities on about the same equatore level which I know quite well. Luckily for us, Rome is just over an hour’s flight away and it is quite easy for us to get there. I have been there before, about 9 years ago, but I wasn’t interested in street during that trip, I was on my honeymoon!

This time Digby is joining and we are going to meet F.D. Walker and Kerem Nasipoglu from the Istanbul Street Hunt there also. This trip could not have happened without the generosity of our fellow Street Photographer Marcello Perino a.k.a. Ovos Photography who had also joined us in London. He invited Digby and me to crash at his place and he has agreed to be our guide, so we will be checking out Rome through the eyes of a local, just like in Istanbul. Exciting times!

La ringrazio molto il mio amico Marcello!

Open Invitation

If any of you dear Readers are Rome locals or can easily find your way to Rome anytime between the 15th of October and the 18th, please let me know in the comments below or contact me via the Streethunters.net contact page. If you have lived in Rome and have some tips to share, please let us know. We will appreciate any pointers.

This trip will take place on the 15th of October and last until the 19th of October. Everyone that wants to join can join us on the 17th for the recording of the Street Hunt which is the main day of the trip. The 17th is a Saturday. On the 15th and 16th we will be exploring and getting the vibe of the city, you are most welcome to join and on the 18th we will probably just shoot all day, so if you are going to visit for the weekend only, you can hook up with us on Sunday too. On the 19th very early in the morning, we fly out.


The goal of this trip is to make a great Street Hunt in Italy and to discover new streets, to meet new people, experience new cultures and to share all of those awesome new things with you!

So stay tuned! More updates will be announced in the following weeks!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. I’d like to come, but I don’t know if I can, since in that period I’ll probably do trips to Milan and Paris. If I’ll come I’ll send a mail to Spyros 😉 keep shooting!

  2. Hi Guys, Just stumbled across this. It would be great to meet up with you guys when your in Rome, I have been living in Rome for 18months and been shooting exclusively here for that period. Don’t know if I can show you any new places but definitely where to get good coffee and cakes and the occasional tasty pizza.
    My stream – https://www.flickr.com/photos/danredrup/

    Hope to meet soon.

  3. Spent a month in rome last Oct and again 4 days in late Aug this year, street photographers paradise, definitely go to “Testevere” that area of rome is like the left bank of Paris, great people, cafe’s, food and local flavor of Roma.

  4. Hi Guys, I see from your post that you are still coming to Rome this coming weekend. Where are you going to be and when? I can come and find you for some street Roman style.

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