New book by Markus Andersen “Rage Against the Light”

New book by Markus Andersen “Rage Against the Light”

Rage Against The Light Cover

Dear Readers,

If you have been following our blog for a while, you might remember the talented Australian Street Photographer Markus Andersen from Melbourne. We shared a cool video documentary he made about his Street Photography called “Into the Belly of the Beast” and he was also kind enough to participate in “What’s in your Camera Bag Street Hunter” by sharing the contents of his bag.

Rage Against The Light pages 02-03

This time we are writing to share with you the news of the release of Markus’ first photography book called “Rage Against the Light“. You can read more about “Rage Against the Light” on the publisher’s website. From what we can see from the photos available to us and the video which we are sharing below, this looks like an impressive collection of surreal b&w photos by Markus. We can only imagine how cool the photos will look in print!

Rage Against The Light pages 06-07

As you know here at we love reviewing Street Photography books and Zines and after a quick chat with Markus, we have arranged to review his book. So our authority in Photography Books, Andrew Sweigart will soon have a copy of “Rage Against the Light” in his hands and he will be producing a review for you dear Readers. So, stay tuned!

Rage Against The Light pages 10-11

The team would like to wish Markus good luck with his very first book. Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting man!

Important Update

We just got word that T&G is offering a signed print FREE with the first 200 purchases. There are about 50 books with FREE print left as of today the 16th of September 2015!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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