The Social Media Groups & Communities explained

The Social Media Groups & Communities explained

Street Hunters on Social Media


Dear Readers,

All of you that are on Facebook might have noticed yesterday that we created a brand new Readers Facebook Group.

This group is the 3rd community of Street Hunters we have begun managing within the wider Social Media Sphere and we can understand if some of you might find it confusing. Additionally, we do have a successful Page both on Facebook and G+ so you might probably be wondering – why have both pages and groups? To top all that, we post on Twitter and Instagram too. Please allow us to explain and to help you understand what social media outlet is best suited to you in order to be part of the full experience, depending on what you are looking for.

Google Plus & Facebook Pages

Street Hunters GooglePlus Community
Street Hunters GooglePlus Community – SHRC
Street Hunters Facebook Page
Street Hunters Facebook Page

Since the begining of we have appreciated the way we could share our work through the use of a GooglePlus page and later a Facebook page. Pages are ways to promote posts written in the website. They are exclusive to posts and sometimes promote mentions on other Social Channels or Blogs. So in other words, the main purpose of our Pages on G+ and Facebook is to share what’s new with Street Hunters (posts, news, etc). Feedback can be given by you if you comment on the G+ and FB posts or if you click the links and visit and comment there, in the blog pages. Due to the nature of Pages, you can’t post your own material or initiate a conversation. So, if you are looking for something like that, you will have to tag ‘’ in one of your posts so we can jump into the discussion later.

Link(s): Street Hunters GooglePlus Page and Street Hunters Facebook Page

Good for: Getting notified of new posts, Streethunters news, etc

Not so good for: Initiating discussions, sharing your own work, etc

Twitter & Instagram

Both Twitter and Instagram are pretty similar. Their core difference is that Twitter can be used for simple text messages, whereas Instagrams posts need a photo to work. maintains a presence on both these Social Media Networks.


Street Hunters Twitter Page
Street Hunters Twitter Page

We use Twitter to inform our users of new posts, news, announcements and to share with them photos that we take. Due to the nature of Twitter, conversations are easy to begin, so anybody can contact us directly from here. You can also use the hashtag #StreetHunters to get our attention, or tag us directly with @Street_Hunters.

Link: Street Hunters on Twitter

Good for: Getting notified of new posts, news, having fast conversations, exchanging ideas, Initiating discussions

Not so good for: Controlled threaded discussions, sharing your own work with the rest of the Community


Street Hunters Instagram Page
Street Hunters Instagram Page

Our Instagram account is relatively new and the reason we created it was to re-share our photos from day 1 and to convey the brand on that Social Network. All our Instagram posts are automatically posted on our Twitter account too, so if you feel like following us on both Twitter and IG is too much, just Twitter will cover you, plus it will give you additional info, such as when new posts are posted, etc. We use the hashtag #StreetHunters to tag our photos on Instagram, and if you want to take part in the Street Hunters instagram community, share your work, and check out other great streetphotography you can search for this hashtag and use it to tag your photos too!

Link: Street Hunters on Instagram

Good for: Sharing photos

Not so good for: Getting notified of new posts, news, exchanging ideas, sharing your own work on a Community level


As we mentioned at the beginning, we are currently managing 3 groups. We have the SHRC, our amazing Community on G+, we have the Flickr Group and now we have the brand new Facebook Group. Please read below what each group is for, because contrary to what you might think, they all serve a different purpose.

SHRC GooglePlus

Street Hunters GooglePlus SHRC
Street Hunters GooglePlus SHRC

This private Community holds a special place in our hearts. All conversations with our dedicated Readers are held here. There is a more “family” feeling in this Community. Most of us have been members for nearly two years and we have even crossed the borders of our countries to meet in the flesh. It is a friendly, creative place where we exchange ideas, share our thoughts and our concerns about Street Photography. It is a place where we are honest with each others work, where we play interactive games or exchange prints. The SHRC is a great Community with simple rules that all members follow. The SHRC would not be where it is today without the time, dedication and effort provided by our great moderators Anton Fortein, Edward Conde and Klaus Scherer. Thanks so much guys, and viva the SHRC!

Link: SHRC GooglePlus Community

Good for: Getting notified of new posts, news, exchanging ideas, sharing your own work with the Community, meeting new Street Hunters, Initiating discussions, Getting constructive feedback on your work.

Not so good for: Showing your work publicly

Flickr Group

Street Hunters Flickr Group
Street Hunters Flickr Group

Our Flickr Group is highly active and growing by the hour! As of now we have 901 members. The Flickr group has multiple active threaded discussions and boasts a total of 12,310 hand picked, highly moderated photos, making it one of the most impressive Street Photography groups on that Social Network. To get a photograph approved in the Flickr Group is not an easy task. As we mentioned before we examine them thoroughly and let only what we consider to be absolutely superb street photographs through. Our goal with the Street Hunters Flickr Group is to offer one of the finest galleries of curated user submitted top quality street photographs on the web. Due to the nature of Flickr Groups, posting every time we release a new post on the website isn’t all that practical, so we don’t. The Flickr Group is all about sharing and discussing within Flickr.

Link: Street Hunters Flickr Group

Good for: Admiring outstanding street photos and getting inspiration. Exchanging ideas, sharing your own work with the Community, meeting new Street Hunters, Initiating discussions, Getting constructive feedback on your work, Showing your best work publicly.

Not so good for: Getting notified of new posts, news, announcements, etc

Facebook Group

Street Hunters Facebook Group
Street Hunters Facebook Group

The newest addition to our Social Channels. The Facebook Group has a simple goal. To connect Street Hunters from all over the world, to let them share their work publicly, to exchange ideas and also to get notified about anything concerning Facebook is the Social Network that most people on the planet use, so it is only natural that a Facebook Group will eventually connect more Street Hunters than any other network. It has easy access, it is simple to use with easy notifications, and everyone is on Facebook with a few exceptions.

Link: Street Hunters Facebook Group

Good for: Exchanging ideas, sharing your own work with the Community and publicly, meeting new Street Hunters, Initiating discussions, Getting constructive feedback on your work, Getting notified of new posts, news, announcements, etc

Not so good for: Private discussions


As you can see a modern brand, especially one like that wants to reach out to you, the Readers, needs various Social means from which to communicate. Each Social Channel is slightly different than the other, but the main idea with all of them is for to interact with you as much as possible. So, take a look at the pros and cons of each Social Media Channel and make your picks!
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist

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