Baltimore Stinkeye

Baltimore Stinkeye

Pic of the week by Andrew Sweigart

Sporting events would appear to be a potential goldmine for Street Hunting. Obviously, one factor that makes them great is that there is so many people there. For example, the venue where I took this shot is Camden Yards in Baltimore, home of Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles and it boasts a capacity of almost 46,000 people. Even on a slow day, say with only one-third of that amount of people attending, that’s a lot of humans, and potential subjects, concentrated in one spot. Also, all those people are funneling into just a few entrances, usually just two or three. One would think that setting up camp or walking about one of the entrances would be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Being that most of the folks attending are there to support a “local” team, they’re wearing the team’s colors. They’re sporting replica jerseys and caps. Essentially, a lot of the folks look the same! So, even though there’s a large quantity of people, it takes a keen eye to pick out memorable subjects, expressions or gestures in a sea of like-looking people.

On this day, a few months ago, I wasn’t having much luck seeing. Everyone was looking the same to me and my frustration seemed to be compounding. I was forcing shots, trying to make something out of nothing. Then I thought to narrow my focus. I decided to focus on hands. I moved closer towards the one main gate and began looking specifically for hands in action. Making gestures. Perhaps making a transaction with a street vendor. Something! Something so I didn’t go home completely frustrated. Then I spotted this fellow’s tattooed hand! The skull jumped right out at me! I began tracking his hand as he approached. As he raised it to his mouth to grab the toothpick, I took the shot as he grabbed the pick and captured what was the dirtiest look I ever got from a subject! I’ve known this look as the “stinkeye”. He must have spotted me a stride or two earlier as he approached and was clearly suspicious of me training the camera on him. As dirty as that look was, it made the shot for me.

"Baltimore Stinkey" by Andrew Sweigart


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  1. Spot on! Andrew, in my mind you are transforming and opening new thought and it is refreshing. Go where you are already going. Something I have missed before. A subset of street.

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